Booty Shaking Spanking

Captain of the cheer squad, Lily Swan, has asked Sarah Gregory to meet her for a private meeting after the latest routines have been unveiled. Sarah, as 2nd in charge, was asked to devise some interesting new routines for the girls. Well, it certainly was, but for all the wrong reasons! She had introduced booty shaking and twerking into the new moves! Lily was appalled as these new routines were far too provocative for competition. Sarah didn't understand the problem, so Lily explains with the help of her hand how she was going to shake Sarah's booty with a spanking! Witness the beauty of these 2 hot ladies in their colorful uniforms, with Sarah over Lily's lap getting a well-deserved spanking over her tight-fitting shorts. Of course, to learn her lesson and without the dignity of wearing her shorts, she receives a mean bare bottom hand spanking too. Sarah's bottom turns as red as her uniform by the time Lily has finished with her, leaving Sarah to run her sore bottom better. This is old fashioned, all-girl spanking erotica at its finest. Join now!

Family Comes First

Stevie finds out that her younger sister, Skylar, has auditioned for a final spot in the school cheerleading squad. She has been lied to and needs to understand why Skylar would sneak behind her back to get the coveted final place when they had both agreed not to try out this year! They had always agreed to have the others back, as being family was more important than anything else. Skylar arrives home finding a confrontational Stevie, who wants to know why such selfishness could ruin their special relationship. The cheerleader uniform only damns her further as evidence of her betrayal, so the younger sister is told only a spanking will teach her the error of her ways. Stevie can barely contain her anger and the hand spanking is hard and mean... but she reminds her that she still loves her. This is a real punishment on the bare bottom and she wants Skylar to apologize, properly! The best way she knows is to use the dreaded "Family Strap". She tells her sneaky younger sis to bend over the couch, bottom stuck out for the impending strapping. This leather implement is long and heavy, designed to teach rule-breakers a proper lesson. Poor Skylar's bare bottom quickly turns as red as her uniform from the relentless, merciless swats of leather ensure Skylar's bottom is burning with shame! Family comes first, she should remember that and this is the consequence for breaking that sacred rule! Join now!

Cheer Camp Four: Strapping & Paddling

This is the 2nd part of the long film which marked our 250th full-length HD movie release. Previously in Cheer Camp 4, the worst behaving girls had been spanked, two by two, by their head coach, Miss Elizabeth, and ably assisted by the camp's coordinator, Miss Bernadette. In this concluding episode, the girls learn that they will face a hard leather strapping from Miss Bernadette followed by a mean wooden paddling from Miss Elizabeth. So one by one, the girls take turns in bending over, sore bare bottoms exposed, for a strapping as the other girls watch, waiting for their turn. There are yelps and tears as this is carried out before the last part of this punishment takes place. All but one of the girls receives 10 wicked swats of the heavy wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. One lucky girl escapes the paddling, for her improved behavior, this was to set an example to the rest of the miscreants who deserved this paddling... it would be hoped that they would learn from their mistakes, knowing that improved performances and behavior can lead to less severe methods of discipline! Join now!

Cheer Camp Year Four The Spankings

To mark our 250th full-length HD movie, we have another special release of the Cheer Camp series, this is Year 4 and it would seem that these girls never learn their lesson. The worst of the worst in cheerleading are sent to this cheer camp and the 6 girls have failed miserably at corrective training and attitude adjustment. Not only is the head coach, Miss Elizabeth, present but the camp's coordinator, Miss Bernadette, is there to help with the discipline the girls are to receive. In this week's release... featuring the spankings, the girls are taken (two at a time) over the laps of both women and spanked on their bare bottoms (which quickly redden) before they are swapped and spanked again by the other good lady. This process continues until the final pair of miscreants... In the following episodes of this special movie, they are all scolded and chastised before the next disciplinary installment. The girls learn that they will face a leather strapping from Miss Bernadette followed by a mean wooden paddling from Miss Elizabeth. Join now!

Lola Learns Her Lesson

Lola Anderson has been called to her volleyball coach's residence for a private disciplinary meeting, away from the prying eyes of the other teammates. Lola's attitude stinks, she is arrogant, thinks she deserves her place without putting in the required effort, and has lost one game with some inept play. Coach Sarah Gregory has had enough, and with Lola's parents' permission, is allowed to discipline her the old fashioned way... with a spanking and wooden paddling! Lola is shocked and argues but her scholarship could be lost if she disobeys the coach one more time. So, over Miss Gregory's lap she goes, receiving what she feels is an embarrassing spanking. Coach has hardly begun with the hard hand spanking over her tight shorts before telling Lola that a proper spanking is done on the bare bottom! Lola has a killer body and tight spankable buns but her expressive facial reactions are addictive viewing too! Watch her pert buttocks spanked a dark red before she takes some mean wooden paddle swats which leave their deep, sore marks of crimson shame. Lola is one sorry young lady, who is left to rub her aching bottom better before being allowed to go home! Join now!

Lily Spanked for Skipping Practice

Lily arrives home to find her angry dad waiting for her in the kitchen, holding a wooden hairbrush. He questions her about where she has actually been (he knows, as the cheer coach has called him) and he wants her to tell him herself. However, she is unable to, and he is disappointed ... especially as she is one of the best cheer girls and she can gain a scholarship. She skipped practice to hang out with the weight-lifting guys, she loves the gym and knows she is the strongest girl in the squad... but she forgets she still needs to attend practice! Dad is furious and tells her it's high time she received an old fashioned spanking across his lap. Not only that, she will be receiving that nasty heavy hairbrush... which he knows she hates! It's been a while since Lily earned a spanking, but she remembers how embarrassing it is to have dad spank her bare bottom. He spanks her so hard it quickly turns her bottom a flaming red. The hairbrush was as expected... and hurts like heck as the wooden implement stings and whacks her tight cheeks until they are a deeper, shameful crimson. Lily is left to reflect on her punishment in the corner, finally being allowed to rub her throbbing, sore bare bottom better. She will do well to remember that scholarships are not easy to come by, and cheerleading will be her ticket to one if she applies herself correctly. Join now!

Loser Gets a Spanking

Sometimes when we check the vast dusty vaults of unedited content, we find perfect films we completely missed. For example, here is an early video of Sarah Gregory (with her red hair putting this circa 2011) getting to spank the gorgeous Leila Hazlett. We were so captivated watching this pair in their cute cheer uniforms that we undusted the tape decks to remaster this for an exclusive first showing. They had a private agreement as cheer captains to honor whoever beat the other's squad during Finals would mean the privilege of spanking the other. Leila got to do this to Sarah the previous year and as Sarah's squad won this time... she has the honor! Now a nervous Leila must take the challenge and Sarah can not wait! She spanks her in front of a mirror, so the poor hapless girl can watch every embarrassing move as her panties are pulled down. Her pert bottom turns a dark shade of red then Sarah uses a paddle. Since they won by 8 points she gives Leila 8 swats... 4 swats over her uniform and the final 4 with her sore exposed bottom taking the full brunt! This is a delightful step back in time brought to you today, we hope you enjoy this lovely distraction. Join now!

Cherry and Elori Spanked by Mom

Mom is waiting at home, hairbrush in hand, for her girls to arrive home from cheer practice. She has received a disturbing call from school about Cherry and Elori fighting again. Not only is it embarrassing as a mother to deal with this, but their petty squabbling also disrupted practice. The girls arrive home, arguing and bickering with each other, showing mom just how bad they had been at school... and still not learning their lesson! She tells them that they are both going to be spanked in front of each other, then that dreaded Mason & Pearson punishment brush will also get used. As Elori is spanked first over mom's lap, it is obvious that she isn't wearing panties which infuriates her mother further. After a hard bare bottom spanking, the sisters swap places and Cherry gets her spanking. Mom is furious that Cherry had also decided to do without her panties... how disgusting! This only motivates mom to spank harder, then have the girls swap places, watching each other get the nasty feared hairbrush spanking. This has them both pleading and crying out in real pain as the dreaded implement reddens their bare bottoms further. This is what they can both expect in the future if they continue to fight and shame their mom with their poor behavior! Join now!

Phoebe's Unexpected Punishment

During these troubling times, one can never be too careful about filming new content. We have a large library of unseen films for our usual release dates but since we are unable to supplement filming outside of our own tight social group (due to COVID restrictions) we won't just film indoors with performers who might be put at risk... even with masks. So we have approached other trusted content creators to do this and you will be seeing some of their work from time to time like this offering. Please say "thank you" to Andy Moon and her close friend, Phoebe Kali, who made this film for you all.
The girls are practicing their latest cheer moves inside when Andy receives a text showing that her closest friend, Phoebe, had been caught making out and seeing Andy's boyfriend behind her back. Andy is in shock and confronts Phoebe, who can not offer any excuse since the evidence is staring her in the face on the phone! Andy takes her friend over her lap for a spanking... Phoebe doesn't put up much of a fight as this whole scenario is so unexpected but she also knows that what she did was wrong. Andy takes the hand spanking further by shaming, scolding then getting to smack Phoebe's beautiful, smooth bare bottom. The round cheeks start to redden under Andy's hand but she hasn't finished yet with her sexy friend as she places her bent over the ottoman. She continues to spank that delicious bubble butt, leaving Phoebe to rub her sore, tanned bottom afterward. Join now!

Beers Cheers and a Really Sore Rear

Nova has really gone and done it this time and daddy is very upset. She has brought beers to cheer practice and got the whole squad in trouble. When she is getting ready to go to her next cheer practice dad confronts her, tells her she is not going and that he will be punishing her instead. She gets a long hard, over the knee hand spanking with her panties pulled down. Her bottom turns a dark shameful red before he tells her to lay flat on the couch, with her bottom stuck out for the final part of her punishment. Nova is given a mean hard leather strapping that has her yelping out in pain, promising to behave in the future. Join now!