Jess's Last Chance

Jess was the best cheerleader on the team and it went to her head. She thought she was above the nonsense of practicing, and her attitude upset the other girls. It all comes to a head when the cheer team is at Regionals and a day before they are due to perform, Jess creates panic by almost dropping one of the girls in their final practice routine. Coach Osborne decides to nip this in the bud and has a showdown meeting with Jess in his room. Her attitude stinks and he has heard enough. She is out of the team unless she takes a spanking to learn a lesson that no one is above being punished for their behavior. It's her last chance and he doesn't care, the team morale comes first and she would be hard-pressed to explain this to her parents. The uppity cheerleader takes her humiliating spanking over his lap and further embarrassment ensues when he removes her tight cheer shorts. Her glorious bare round buttocks jiggle provocatively as they are given the spanking of their short life as she squirms and struggles to keep her composure. By the end of her spanking, Jess' bottom is glowing red with shame and all the girls will know that she has been punished. Coach hopes that a far more contrite and chastened Jess will help the team to win in the Regionals the following day! Join now!

Stella's Attitude Adjustment

Please welcome Stella making her first-ever appearance anywhere online. She is a true submissive with a bratty streak so it comes as no surprise that this debut film has Stella punished by her coach, Sarah Gregory, for some serious attitude adjustment. Sarah needs to have it out with her precocious cheerleader, who thinks she is above being disciplined and better than everyone else. She is about to find out, the hard way, that she shouldn't upset her coach. She takes Stella over her lap and quickly spanks the brat with her hard hand. Then Sarah embarrasses the naughty girl when she removes Stella's panties and what little remaining dignity she has left as the hand spankings continue. Sarah had also promised Stella a first-time whacking with the infamous painful wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. That time has arrived and a far more contrite Stella counts out the 10 measured swats. She winces and feels the burn of the dense wood across her bare buttocks. Stella is told to re-evaluate her contribution to the team before the next practice. Join now!

Don't Fuck My Boyfriend

Cheer Practice was difficult for Ella, she had split up with her boyfriend earlier that day so she invited her friend, Arella, back to her place afterward to hang out. Ella has an ulterior motive as she knows that Arella was responsible for the break-up, after discovering texts and more incriminating evidence that she had been fucking her no-good boyfriend. Arella is confronted with the knowledge and denies it initially but Ella is determined to exact some form of justice and takes her over the lap to give the floozy a deserved spanking. Ella slut shames her former friend and continues to spank her hard with her hand before finding a brush to continue her good work. Arella's bottom is burning in shame after the hairbrush spanking as she is told to get out... losing what little dignity remained, as well as her friendship with Ella, all over some silly boy! Join now!

Dirty Mouth Red Bottom

Grandpa has been invited over for a family evening gathering and is waiting for Amy to arrive home as he overhears the distressing news about his precious girl from the School Principal. He is rather old school... and likes to take matters into his own hands, so is waiting for Amy in her room to have a much-needed conversation about her behavior. Amy is pleased to see Grandpa looking so well and above ground for another year but starts to brat and avoid his questions about her lewd sex acts that she was caught performing on some boys after the Volleyball game. Grandpa has had enough of her attitude and takes her over his lap for an old-fashioned hard hand spanking. Years of experience have taught him that the best way to deal with this coquettish brat is with a mean, bare-bottom hand smacking. Amy looks shocked and can not believe that this is happening to her. He teaches her a much-needed lesson that she won't soon forget. She will be sitting uncomfortably at the Dinner Table tonight! Join now!

Consequences for Lexi

Please welcome Lexi Holland making her first memorable appearance at our group of sites. Lexi has been pretending to attend cheer practice several times during the week because she wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend rather than only see him at the weekend due to the strict "House Rules". However, the coach has called her mother (Miss Bernadette) to let her know she has been absent for weeks. The film starts as Mother calls the unsuspecting girl into her room after "practice" to discuss what she knows, and lying Lexi tries to wriggle out of it... but she is about to learn there are very real consequences for such a nasty deception. Lexi is spanked in her uniform over the maternal lap and it is not long before her crisp white panties are pulled down so that her bare bottom receives the stinging hand smacks her mother knows she deserves. The punishment doesn't end there, as Lexi is told to fetch the Mason and Pearson hairbrush for further hard spankings across her bare reddened buttocks before she is introduced to the Family Strap. Lexi receives 20 licks of leather with her placed on all fours across the bed. The sorry-looking cheerleader is left to contemplate her actions knowing there will be more such consequences in the future if she misbehaves like this again. Join now!

Letting Down Her Loved Ones

Violet is late home from Cheer Practice and Mommy is worried, waiting for her in Violet's bedroom. Then Mommy sees her girl, dismounting from a vile noisy motorbike belonging to Violet's new boyfriend... she feels let down that her precious princess is not listening to her sound advice. Violet questions why her mother is in her room but it soon becomes clear when she is told that the motorbike shenanigans were meant to have stopped and that promises were made. It is obvious that her girl can not be trusted and has let down the family with such deceit... and Violet knows what is coming next, as these things are always disciplined with a spanking under this roof. She takes her place on her own bed over the imposing maternal lap and Mommy's hard hand soon turns the naughty girl's bottom a glowing shade of red. The spanking is far from over as her hairbrush has been seen close by and Mommy wants to ensure that Violet learns a lesson properly. The girl squirms and wriggles as she receives a further hard whacking from the nasty stinging brush. By the time the punishment is over, Violet is contrite and promising that she won't let down anyone again with her silly behavior. After loving hugs, she is left alone to rub her sore burning bottom and reflect on what had just transpired! Join now!

Taking One For The Team

Please welcome Ophelia Fox... making her first appearance with us in a memorable spanking debut that has her disciplined by Coach Lake for being a disruptive member of the team. He pulls her out of practice, taking her to the office where he discusses Ophelia's selfish behavior. She tries to find excuses, saying she is blameless but he reminds her that there is no "I" in "TEAM". She's going to experience what many of the other girls endured as this is the success of the team through real discipline... in this case, a spanking punishment that Ophelia must take. She is spanked over his lap and can not believe how embarrassing it is but for her, it gets worse as he pulls her tight practice cheer shorts down to continue spanking her bare, quivering bottom. It is not long before Ophelia's bottom starts to match the color of her dark red hair. Coach Lake decides that a proper lesson can be learned with the introduction of the school's Reformatory Strap... it ensures his girls learn their lesson quickly. Ophelia is placed on the sofa, bent over, with her bottom stuck out invitingly to receive ten stinging swats of heavy leather whilst she must count and apologize to him for her poor behavior. She is left to reflect on this punishment, rubbing her sore aching cheeks while the coach fetches the Disciplinary paperwork to sign off. Join now!

Sassy Stepsisters Spanked

Dolly and Willow are two close stepsisters and they do everything together. They love cheering for their school football team, going to the mall, and dating boys. Unfortunately, they also have something else in common, they both are failing miserably at school through lack of studying and focus which has now been brought to the attention of Miss Bernadette. The girls come home, happy and laughing but Bernadette confronts them both with the news that she knows all about their various, sassy misbehavior and poor grades. Without further delay, Willow is placed over the maternal lap and Dolly is told to comfort her stepsister as Bernadette applies her hard hand across the naughty girl's bottom, smacking her cheeks and turning them red. Poor Dolly can only watch knowing that she will be next in that uncomfortable position. Worse follows as Bernadette insists that Willow present her with the hairbrush and ask her to use it across her bare buttocks. This implement is mean and stings horribly, as the poor cheerleader yelps and cries out. The girls swap places and it is the turn of Dolly to face the same painful fate. This is a double punishment for two naughty, sassy stepsisters... Bernadette leaves them to console each other as they promise to be more focused on their studies from this point forward. Join now!

Sarah's Spanking Fantasy

This week's meet-up with Miss Matthews will be a little special for Sarah as she has dressed up in her favorite cute cheerleader uniform and wants to surprise Mistress. That she certainly does... and Mistress is most pleased at the sight of Sarah who asks her to punish her for being a naughty cheerleader. Sarah wastes no time fetching a chair for Miss Matthews to sit down on and takes her place over her Domme's lap. The cheer panties are pulled down to reveal Sarah's unblemished bottom which soon starts to turn a delicious shade of crimson as the spanking continues. For the next part of her session, Sarah faces the mantle with her bottom stuck out as an inviting target for the two leather straps that Mistress uses across the "naughty" young lady's bare buttocks. By the end, Sarah's bottom is glowing and she thanks Miss Matthews for fulfilling her special fantasy spanking session! Join now!

Apologize Like You Mean It

Lily has been sent home early from Cheer Practice for swearing at the coach and being very rude which upset the other girls. Her Stepfather, John, was informed and he promised to deal with her on the coach's behalf and extract a meaningful apology from her. She arrives home to find him waiting and he tells her he knows everything and she will be punished right there. She is placed over the paternal lap for an embarrassing hand spanking which he carries out across her bare buttocks. Poor Lily feels ashamed of her earlier behavior and promises to atone for her actions to the coach and her teammates... but he is not convinced. To ensure Lily makes a meaningful apology, he insists that she think about a speech she will make to everyone. However, that is not before he removes his leather belt, cracks it in front of her, and has her lie down on the sofa to present her red bottom for further correction. His leather belt turns an already sore reddening bottom a darker hue of crimson as the thick leather bites into her delicate cheeks. Finally, Lily is left to contemplate her actions before she is taken back to school to make that genuine heartfelt apology! Join now!