Special Punishment for a Dirty Secret

Kiki arrives home from cheer practice to discover Mommy waiting for her, sitting in the spanking chair brandishing the dreaded wooden bathbrush and a mean scowl. Kiki wonders if she knows her naughty secret... and how would she know? Just how would she know? However, Mommy does know all too well that Kiki's slutty behavior with the Quarterback has made it home, and that the rude sexual act she performed on the young man will not go unpunished. Kiki had already been severely disciplined at school but Mommy is far from satisfied with that and tells her that the bathbrush will be used across her bare buttocks after she goes over the maternal lap for a mean hand spanking. The cheerleader knows this punishment is deserved for the way she behaved so reluctantly accepts the spanking and the horrid wooden brush that has her bottom burning red while she grimaces in pain. As if this was not humiliating enough, Mom has something additional in mind for what her precious darling put in her mouth and takes Kiki to the bathroom for the mouth soaping of all soapings. Her mouth is thoroughly washed and scrubbed with the nasty-tasting frothy soap bubbles until any nice thoughts of the Quaterback's member are wiped from the slutty girl's memory. This severe at-home punishment was carried out because Mommy just wanted the best for her precious girl. Join now!

No More Broken Promises

Please welcome Ciara Momoko Bubblezz (pronounced Si-air-rah Bubbles) in her first spanking film online. This is a classic tale of a cheer girl not making good on her promises. She has been failing to turn up on time, despite many warnings... as well as promising that she could perform the forward rolls required for the squad's latest routine. During a local competition, she froze when she had to do her part of the routine, much to the annoyance and anger of her coach and the other girls. If she wants to remain in the squad and keep her prized scholarship, she will learn to keep promises with renewed impetus from a hard hand spanking followed by a special leather paddling. Coach Osborne spanks her over his lap with his firm hand on her bared bottom as it quickly turns a shameful red. Then he places her in a forward position over the bench as he continues to spank her exposed, quivering bottom before using the heavy paddle across her reddened cheeks of shame. Afterward, her sore bottom glowing from the coach's punishment, she is left to contemplate her actions. She promises to do better in the future or face being benched and thrown out of the cheer squad. Join now!

Cheer Captain Chastised

Acting cheer captain, Amy Fox, has been called to the office of Coach Audrey for an appraisal of her recent performance in charge of the girls. It is not good as Amy soon discovers when Audrey informs her she is at risk of losing the captaincy for her poor attitude which is rubbing off on the rest of the squad. Amy's sassy replies only confirm that she needs some additional motivation with the sort of discipline that has painful consequences. Amy goes over Audrey's lap for a hand spanking that soon turns her cheeks a shameful red before her continuing sass earns her the wooden paddle bent over the desk. Amy's pert bottom is bared and exposed, ready for the inevitable stinging swats of the nasty wooden implement. She remains captain for now but needs to improve her attitude for the good of the team. Amy is one sorry girl, promising to do better in the future. Join now!

Dolly's Extra Discipline

Dolly believes she is better than the other girls in the cheer squad, especially those that have been competing for years. It has caused a rift with the hard-working talent and Dolly thinks she has the protection of the coach... since he is her boyfriend. However, she is in for a rude awakening as he points out that for the team's good, he must punish her so she sees the error of her ways. Dolly tries to flutter her eyelids and appeal to his better nature but he is having none of it and takes her over his lap for a long, well-deserved spanking. Dolly's bare booty jiggles and reddens under the relentless smacks of coach Johnny's hard hand. The spanking doesn't stop until Johnny is satisfied she understands why she needed the corrective disciple; for the good of team morale. Join now!

Apricot Taught a Lesson

Apricot's attitude recently has been causing her mother a lot of concern and witnessed by the latest incident when she arrived home early from cheer practice. Apricot claims that she isn't feeling well and decided to quit practice early but her lack of sports panties fuels further mistrust from her mom. Since she isn't feeling well, mom decides to take apricots temperature... rectally. The lying girl will do anything to prove she isn't... so reluctantly agrees and realizes just how humiliating this is... all to cover up her fibs! Mom knows her girl all too well and decides to teach Apricot a further lesson by giving her a spanking across her bare buttocks... spanked like a naughty lying little girl. The hand spanking is not enough though, and Apricot is told to fetch the family hairbrush and ask for mommy to use it hard across her sore aching buttocks. Apricot yelps and squirms as the nasty stinging implement reminds her that lying to mommy has painful consequences. She is one sorry-looking girl by the end, rubbing her red sore bottom better. Join now!

Spanking the Seductress

Casual Friday is a privilege and not a right for cheerleaders to wear their uniforms during school hours. It also does not mean that she can seduce boys and tease them during lessons as she knows she looks super hot in her tight uniform and short skirt... and this is doubly disruptive. Kajira has been asked to visit Principal Rogers' office to explain herself and she gives him an attitude that he quickly recognizes needs adjusting... and that is through discipline. He spanks her over his lap and embarrasses the naughty seductress by pulling down her panties and continuing to smack her bare reddened cheeks. She is reminded that Casual Friday doesn't mean casual behavior and he produces a wooden paddle to teach her a valuable lesson she won't soon forget. Kajira is left to soothe and rub her aching behind before being sent back to classes. Join now!

Learn to Behave

Willow and Portia are rival cheerleaders attending a camp for those with behavioral issues. They have been summoned to see one of the camp organizers, Miss Matthews, as these two girls continue to bicker and fight with each other. They are given a chance to make up but they both refuse so she informs them that they will be spanked in front of each other. Willow goes first as she has already been in trouble at the camp and Portia will see what happens to naughty girls close up. Willow's bottom is bared as she is taken over Miss Matthews's lap for a hard hand spanking that has her kicking and squirming in both pain and embarrassment! Portia's turn is next and she hasn't been spanked so her white unblemished bum quickly turns red from the mean hand smacking she is given. When offered a chance to put their differences aside, the girls refuse and an angry Miss Matthews takes them both by the ear, placing them side by side over the bench... spanking their bottoms until both girls are sorry and mindful that they need to do better. Join now!

Please Give me a Bathbrush Spanking

Nothing can be more humiliating than to ask mom, "Please give me a bathbrush spanking" but that is what happens to Amy and you will find out how it got to this. Mom has been told by Amy's cheer coach how she has encouraged her teammates to use rude words and swears in their chants and has been sent home. So when Amy arrives, she is confronted by the appearance of a stern matriarchal figure brandishing a heavy, mean looking bathbrush! Amy has one chance to redeem herself and she lies to the face of her own mother! What follows is a no nonsense hand spanking across the maternal lap before the indignity of having her tight panties pulled down for a bare bottom smacking. Then the moment she has been dreading: the bathbrush. However, she must present the brush to mom whilst asking to give her a bathbrush spanking! Oh, the embarrassment! Amy's bottom jiggles provocatively, her legs buckle, and she winces as the hard wooden implement crashes down across her sore reddening buttocks. Welts of shame are clearly visible to anyone lucky enough to witness this punishment. She is left to soothe her aching sore backside, mindful that lies and teaching others filthy cheers is not tolerated at home or at cheer practice! Join now!

Spanked or Benched

Ella Raine had no time to change after the latest practice session as she is told to go visit the head coach's house as soon as possible. It soon becomes apparent why she is there as her coach, Sky Terrapin, lectures the hapless girl about her recent poor form and lack of enthusiasm, commitment, and energy. Even the other girls are noticing and it is affecting the morale of the squad so Ella faces the dilemma of being benched. This would be publicly humiliating as she was lauded as the best cheer girl at her auditions. The other option is a spanking punishment (which other girls received from time to time). Ella goes over the lap of her stern coach and takes a spanking over her tight panties before the discipline continues with more hard hand smacks across her bare bottom. Ella is embarrassed that she is being spanked like a naughty little girl but then has to recite the "Fly Eagles Fly" chant which proves yet again that her energy and enthusiasm are sadly lacking. On the third attempt, it would appear that the threat of further spankings or being benched gets through to her but before she can leave, coach Sky uses the wooden paddle six times across Ella's sore, red bottom. The swats are counted and you can see that a sorry-looking Ella finally understands her role in the squad. She is left to contemplate her future whilst being allowed to rub and soothe her aching, burning cheeks before being sent home. Join now!

Not Without My Permission

Bella only thinks of herself, as her mother is all too aware of and this latest incident reinforces just what a naughty selfish girl she is at home. Before going to cheer practice, Bella has cleared the furniture from the large Living Room so she can stretch and practice her routines... after all, she knows she is the best cheerleader at school, and practice makes perfect! Unfortunately for her, she forgets that in an hour, her mother has a Book Club meeting and the furniture and sofas had all been carefully arranged in the impressive room. Mom (Mistress Scarlet) finds Bella practicing and scolds her selfish girl before deciding she needs further discipline since she should know that she can not do anything without first asking for permission. Bella is spanked hard over the maternal lap, the hard-hitting hand leaves Bella's bare bottom, aching and red... but there is more to come. Next will be a harsh leathering with the dreaded "Family Strap" - for which the naughty miscreant is told to go and fetch for this to take place. How humiliating! What follows is an epic leather strapping and scolding from Scarlet as she continues to punish her girl, reminding her nothing in this house is done without her permission! Fans of Bella and Scarlet will love this film, and of course, it will appeal to connoisseurs of good old-fashioned spankings in an authentic cheer uniform. Join now!