Amy's Attitude Adjustment

Amy has been told to leave Cheer Practice and report to the Principal's Office for a serious matter of a long overdue detention discipline. Her attitude and behavior to teaching staff and those in authority has been woeful, downright disrespectful, and beyond acceptable recently. Principal Bernadette experiences more of this sassy brat's behavior when Amy thinks she is being clever and witty by answering back with pointless, hurtful quips and rudeness... by now, Miss Bernadette has heard enough! Amy is taken, in hand, over the principal's lap for an embarrassing spanking whilst still dressed in her cheer uniform. Amy's smart remarks and chatting back are quickly replaced with yelps and whining as the hand spanking quickly reddens her bare bottom in that vulnerable position. The principal is far from finished with this annoying miscreant as she bends Amy over the desk for the school's infamous "Leather Strap of Correction". Amy's reddened bottom turns a darker angry shade of crimson as the leather implement swats the naughty girl's backside with relentless precision. Only now does Amy realize that her attitude will only get her into further trouble and she is left to contemplate a very sorry future if she continues down this path... and the film ends with Amy rubbing her aching, swollen cheeks better. Join now!

Skylar Learns Respect

Stevie and Skylar Rose make a welcome return appearance in this particular episode. The elder sister has made it to Assistant Coach and is proud of her achievement. Younger sis, Skyler, sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of the fact she can possibly get away with things the other girls could not. However, this backfires quickly as Stevie will not be disrespected and reminds her naughty sibling of this fact. After a stern scolding, Skyler takes Stevie's lap as her hard hand smacks the younger girl's backside. The tight cheer pants offer little resistance and bite into her round firm buttocks, making the spanking even more uncomfortable. Skyler's punishment and humiliation are complete when Stevie spanks her bare buttocks harder and then places her flat on the couch for the family's dreaded leather "Strap of Correction". Skyler winces and grimaces in pain as the leather implement turns her bottom a dark, burning, shameful red... reminding her of who is in charge at cheer practice and that future poor behavior will have consequences at home too! Join now!

Disciplined For Deception

This is Winter Leigh's first appearance on Cheerleader Spankings, and also her first ever rectal temperature taking on film. It's Casual Friday and the school's cheerleaders are allowed to wear their uniform. It's also a Double-Math Day for cheergirl Winter and she doesn't want to endure that in the afternoon. Winter decides to try and fool the new British nurse, Miss Matthews, by pretending to have picked up an illness and visits the medical room to see if she can get the rest of the day off. Nurse Matthews is an old hand at seeing through a miscreant's lies and quickly deduces that the cheerleader is faking it. She decides to see how far Winter will go with this deception, even giving her a thoroughly humiliating and unnecessary rectal temperature taking for that so-called "fever" and the desperate madam complies. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with her and the nurse eventually gets this information out of the lying cheer girl which results in a rather uncomfortable lesson courtesy of Miss Matthews' hand and leather strap across Winter's exposed bottom. She is spread out on all fours on the examination table and her bare, exposed parts are reddened perfectly until the nurse is satisfied that Winter has learned her lesson by not wasting any of the medical staff's valuable time. Double Math in the afternoon will now be even more uncomfortable for Winter since she will not be able to sit down without remembering the error of her ways! Join now!

Cheating Has Consequences

Case is waiting for her cheer coach to turn up and take her to practice but when she hears the doorbell and answers... it is her Headmistress, Miss Matthews. She invites herself in and approaches Mom (Miss Bernadette) informing the good lady that her girl has been caught cheating at a recent important exam and that this disciplinary matter needs immediate attention. There is no cheer practice today for this young lady, just discipline... which she is about to discover is painful and embarrassing! Headmistress learns that Case never receives spankings or punishments at home, just a stern chat from Mom (at best). This will not do and Case is taken over the educator's lap for a lesson she will learn and which her Mom will understand and follow through on afterward. Case is spanked in her cute cheerleader uniform and the spanking continues over Miss Matthews' lap with the girl's panties pulled down for added humiliation. This punishment deserves more than just a hand and a typical implement found at home such as the wooden hairbrush is used across the embarrassed cheater's reddening backside. This new lesson is learned twice as Case has the same treatment repeated over her mother's lap as the Headmistress encourages from the sidelines. From now on, this is the type of correction she will experience if her poor behavior warrants such actions at home as well as at school. Today, the lesson learned is that cheating has consequences! Join now!

Lyra Learns Her Lesson

Lyra has been sent to the Principal's Office after more miscreant behavior (cutting classes yet again) even after she had been caned by one of her teachers earlier! It's a progressive school and girls can express themselves with their body artwork but, as always, some pupils take it too far and exploit the system. This is Lyra! This time he will ensure she learns a lesson in respect and following guidelines as he places her over his desk and spanks her hard on her bare bottom. Her poor thighs may have the signs of earlier punishment but now her untouched cheeks turn a dark, shameful hue of crimson just from his stinging hand. Lyra is told to present her bottom fully as he produces the school's dreaded Reformatory Strap. Her poor swollen bottom takes a relentless barrage of swift leather swats from this heavy implement of correction. After Principal Osborne is finished he goes back to reviewing some coursework whilst she must remain in an uncomfortable "on tip-toes" position. Her poor aching bottom is in desperate need to be rubbed better but this is also part of her punishment during Time Out! Lyra and John have great chemistry and he knows just how far to push her in this hard-hitting cheerleader punishment film! Join now!

A Little Late for Sorry

Gigi has been sent home from cheer practice in disgrace because she had been caught stealing from the girls' lockers yet again! Her mom was waiting for her as she had been informed by the coach who she promised would punish her to her full extent to prevent this from happening again. Gigi knew she was in trouble seeing Mom brandishing the heavy wooden hairbrush and the next ten minutes would be humiliating and painful, but she only had herself to blame! She takes her position over the maternal lap and her bare bottom is spanked while she is scolded and reminded of how her poor behavior has serious consequences. She apologizes profusely but it's a little too late to say sorry as she then takes a mean hairbrush spanking that has her squirming and struggling. Her bare buttocks turn a dark mottled shameful red and is told it is her final punishment regarding this matter or the authorities would be involved in the future... she is left one sorry-looking young lady, nursing her aching bottom as she reflects on the consequences of her behavior. Join now!

Stealing Earns the Hairbrush

Anastasia has been caught by her coach stealing from the uniform clothing fund which is used to help the poorer girls purchase the correct outfits. How low could she get? She was sent home immediately before the big game and her mother is waiting for her at home, seething and embarrassed after being told about this unfortunate incident. Anastasia has little to say and admits she has spent most of what she took which infuriates her mom further. She is spanked across the bare bottom but this time a simple spanking will not do! For committing such a nasty low thing, the dreaded Mason & Pearson hairbrush is wielded and to add further humiliation, Anastasia must ask for it to be used across her bare buttocks. Her cheeks soon turn a shameful red from the maternal punishment with the brush. She learns that there are real consequences and that stealing from your own is one of the lowest things anyone could do! Anastasia is told that she will have to apologize to the girls and let them know about the punishment she received across her poor bare bottom! Join now!

Trespasser Thrashed

Smitten Sorella is the type of girl who ignores well-meaning advice, believing she knows best in any situation. She has been causing issues with one of her neighbors, often cutting through his yard and trampling over some plants to shave a few minutes before getting home a little earlier from cheer practice. her luck runs out when she is caught red-handed by Mr. Osborne who marches her into his house for a stern lecture, after getting permission to punish the selfish brat from her folks as he sees fit! He wastes no time taking Smitten over his lap for a good old-fashioned spanking as he uses his hard stinging hand to smack her bare buttocks a dark, shameful red in no time at all. She wriggles over his knee as he reigns down retribution but more is to follow... he stands up, removing his leather belt as he places her face down on the sofa. Her bare bottom is an inviting target as Smitten receives a painful belting she will not soon forget. Before leaving, she is told, in no uncertain terms, that cutting through the yard is strictly out of bounds and future infractions will have more consequences. Join now!

Dylan Disciplined For Smoking

Dylan has done it again by thinking she knows better and was caught smoking by the cheer coach. She is sent home in disgrace after a thorough tanning of her backside but now she has to face the wrath of her mother! Dylan is scolded and knows that the coming discipline will be far worse than anything she had just received at school. Her little smoking hands are given a stiff leather strapping, turning them red in no time at all. Next, she is laid over the maternal lap, and the leather strap is used across her bare buttocks. Dylan starts to regret the error of her ways as her bottom turns a dark shameful red but this lesson is far from over. Mommy places her over stood over the chair and her bottom is strapped further until the final part of the punishment is revealed. Dylan hates the bathbrush, and for a good reason; it is a harsh method of correction and she knows that mommy means business. She reluctantly accepts 20 mean whacks of the wooden brush over the lap before she is left to contemplate a future without the nasty cigarettes that got her into trouble! Join now!

Cheerleader and Schoolgirl Wedgies

In this special custom film, Sarah the cheerleader is making fun of Dolly the schoolgirl... picking on her and giving her several panty wedgies as part of her "fun" for wearing the wrong panties. Not long after, Miss Bernadette arrives hearing the commotion and has Dolly show her the wedgie but realizes that she not wearing regulation knickers and gives her a big wedgie of her own and has the disgraced schoolgirl stand in the corner, skirt up, on full display. Sarah is also wearing inappropriate panties so she receives an embarrassing wedgie too, as receiving a humiliating spanking with them painfully pulled up her crotch. As the girls were fighting, Miss Bernadette believes both of them to be guilty so Dolly faces the same humiliating punishment as she is spanked over the teacher's lap with her panties pulled up tight from her crack. The girls are left to stand in front of the blackboard, their sore bottoms and wedgied panties on display... once Miss leaves, the bickering girls attempt to out-wedgie the other with panties pulled as far as they can without breaking! Join now!