Wet Spanked Brat

It's a beautiful day and Zoe is stretching next to the pool. However, she has been told off several times for performing her exercises too close to the pool edge but she ignored this safety advice. She is such a brat that she defies the well-meaning words of wisdom and loses her footing, plunging into the pool. She emerges in shock and totally drenched, she is taken into the office for further discipline. Wet and dripping water everywhere, she is spanked in her cheer practice outfit over Michael's lap. Zoe doesn't feel the least bit of shame and rather enjoys making him wet pressed over his lap... his pants get soaking too. She doesn't find it as amusing when he removes her wet shorts, as his hand stings more on her moist cheeks. The hand spankings continue as Zoe still complains and answers back so he leaves her stood up to go fetch a leather strap to continue her punishment bent over the desk. Her bottom turns a glowing, shameful red as this punishment is carried out, she still brats him and thinks she has all the clever answers (like any brat would). This only draws out the punishment further until she realizes that she should at least apologize and tell him she has learned her lesson. Somehow, we think this brat will be back tormenting her man into spanking her some more in the very near future... we hope so! Join now!

Spanked by Dad for Lying

Sometimes we rediscover content that we thought we had lost, so when we recently found this data it comes as a great bonus to introduce you to Violet Marks in her first (and to date) the only appearance as a cute, sexy cheer girl receiving a rather hard and mean hand spanking in her uniform. dad has found out that Violet has been using her twice-weekly cheer practice to sneak off to see Derek, a boy who he thinks is a bad influence on his daughter. She leaves and returns in her cheer uniform, which upsets her dad further as this is premeditated deception. He tells her what happens in this house and, for Violet, that means a painful OTK spanking. He doesn't hold back and she struggles to take this punishment... wincing, squirming, and crying out as his hard hand turns her bottom a dark, shameful red. By the end of her punishment, Violet is one sorry looking young lady, told to go to her room, embarrassed that she thought she could get away with such silly lies! Join now!

Shameless Slut Spanked At Home

Briella Jaden stars in our latest domestic discipline film as a promiscuous cheerleader who loves the attention she gets from the boys. They all love her free and easy attitude to sex and she is the talk of the school. She doesn't care... but when Dad hears about this from the Head Coach, he knows he has to try and stop this behavior quickly. She arrives home with him waiting for her, she is still in her uniform and shows no shame when he tells her what he has heard! His girl is a slut and she doesn't care! She soon cares though, when he takes her across his knee for an old fashioned over the knee spanking. This is something she hasn't had to endure in some time and at her age, she feels something she hasn't felt in some time too... shame! The spanking continues on her bare bottom, his hand stings and reddens her bottom as she struggles and squirms over his lap. To ensure she remembers this lesson, he finishes the punishment with her laying on the couch, and uses a double-sided leather strap on her now sore, throbbing red cheeks. She is close to tears and barely able to take the final part of her punishment strapping. It is "lesson learned" for Briella. Now she knows there are severe consequences for her lascivious behavior as she is made aware that she is much better than this! Join now!

Lola the Little Liar

Lola arrives home after her latest "practice" to see Mom and Coach Lake waiting for her. Lola thought that by telling her mother she was doing a couple of extra practice sessions a week more than she actually was meant she could spend a few hours out of the house with her friends. This is deeply hurtful to her mom, and Coach Lake was invited round to witness what happens when little liars like Lola break the trust given to her by her elders. Mom usually disciplines Lola with a spanking, but in this special film, we explore the added humiliation of voyeurism during discipline as Coach Lake is asked to watch Lola receive her punishment. He also brought a leather strap which he would like to see used on her bare bottom later. Lola is embarrassed... but when mom pulls down her panties for a bare bottom spanking she is absolutely mortified... "Not in front of the coach" she cries, but there is no time for modesty as the hard hand spanking continues as he looks on approvingly! The next part of her punishment is a mean leather strapping, Lola is bent over the couch, bent over and bare bottom stuck out, vulnerable and exposed with the coach able to see every hit, every swat of leather land on her round, sore bottom. Lola's embarrassment and pleas for her punishment to stop is music to Mom and Coach's ears... finally Lola the liar is learning her lesson. Only when her bottom is swollen and a throbbing red does the strapping stop as she is sent to her room early. She will think twice about lying like this again! Join now!

Inappropriate Amy Taught A Lesson

Amy is pulled from practice almost immediately she arrives and Coach Osborne takes her to the nearest place for a one to one which is the staff breakroom. Amy's uniform is highly inappropriate and not even close to the correct attire. She is sassy in her replies to the question of why she would even wear this "Daddy" cheer top and the coach discovers that when she is referring to "Daddy" she isn't referring to her parents but a more sexual undertone. He is shocked and quickly decides that he needs to spank the obvious, disrespectful sass out of this rude young lady. At first, Amy thinks this is all rather funny but she isn't laughing when his hand starts to sting and turns her bare bottom a shameful red. With her pert bottom now reddened and burning, Amy knows that this was not a good idea at all and learns a lesson not to annoy the teaching staff or show such disrespect to the cheer squad. That generous scholarship and making the final cut to the mat for the Championships will be all that much more difficult now! Join now!

Uniform Punishment

Britney sees Mom waiting for her in the Living Room. Britney is wearing her cheer uniform... in fact, she has been wearing it wherever she goes and whatever she does because Britney thinks she looks cute in it. Mom is fed up with this strange behavior as one of the most recent incidents was when her girl arrived at church dressed in her uniform instead of her Sunday Best. This was becoming obsessive and Mom needs to have a chat with her. It is clear that Britney is infatuated with herself in uniform and won't listen to mom's concerns, so if she thinks she looks cute in her uniform, maybe she'll feel cute with a sore spanked bottom too. Mom spanks her over the lap, her tight green sports panties offer little protection from the smacking and to humiliate Britney further, she loses the dignity of those panties. Her bare bottom jiggles under the continual hand spanking and the hairbrush that Britney had brought in gets used on her round cheeks too which really grabs her attention. Mom will not be tolerating her girl's nonsense any more, this uniform obsession will be nipped in the bud or the spankings will continue! Join now!

Principal Punishes Jas

Jas is one of the leading cheerleaders, and with that comes greater responsibility. She has been reprimanded and punished previously for some of her more provocative cheers during games, so her coaches thought she had learned her lesson after they punished her. It would appear not... as she has been booty shaking and dancing inappropriately once more, so now she is faced with a disciplinary meeting with the school's principal, Miss Bernadette. The principal has no time for her feeble excuses and wastes no time in putting her across her lap like the naughty girl she is for an old fashioned humiliating hand spanking. Jas doesn't know how to respond as her principal of the school is now spanking her bare bottom with her tight panties pulled down, this is so embarrassing! The punishment is far from over as the School Compliance Discipline strap is used when she is told to present her bare bottom bent over the table. The cheerleader's poor jiggling bottom takes stroke after stroke of leather until the principal is satisfied that this miscreant has learned her lesson and sent back to classes. Join now!

Amy's Caning and Bastinado Punishment

In this special custom collaboration between Amy Fox and Sarah Gregory, we present to you a cheerleading punishment with a difference. This sneaky cheerleader has been disappearing from after school practice far too many times recently and coach, Sarah Gregory, finally discovers the reason why. She has been feigning any excuse to go to the bathroom to the unsuspecting assistant coaches on the field... then just leaving early. She discovers that Amy's absence is systemic and decides to confront the idle girl privately... and before she sneaks off again, at the school's staff recreation quarters (when no teachers will be there outside normal hours). Amy lies and continues to deny any wrongdoing when given a chance, to tell the truth. Only when she is confronted with CCTV evidence does she feebly admit that she has been leaving early... and often. Miss Gregory tells Amy that her little leaving feet are going to be punished as well as the usual hard caning across her bare bottom and thighs that she would give her. This is humiliating and embarrassing for Amy as her feet are also caned as she is laid out on the kitchen table. Her bottom and upper thighs are striped and welted from the cold caning and each bared foot receives the same nasty, painful treatment to ensure she learns her lesson. The lesson that her early leaving ways will not be tolerated in the future! Join now!

Promiscuous Fae Punished By Mom

Fae's mom is waiting for her to come home from "cheer practice" as she needs to confront her about something worrying that she had just heard from Fae's coach. Her daughter denies anything is wrong but after being given a chance, to tell the truth, mom spells out what she has heard... and it is disgusting and embarrassing. Fae has been having sex with boys underneath the bleachers instead of turning up for practice. She has absolutely no shame about it and this angers her mom who takes her right over the lap for a hand spanking there and then. Still dressed in her cheer uniform that she so recently defiled with several boys, Fae struggles and complains as she is scolded for being such a slut. Those shorts come down, something Fae is used to by all accounts, for a harder bare bottom spanking before her continual backchat earns the unrepentant hussy a nasty hairbrush spanking! This now focuses the loose daughter's mind on her recent lewd behavior as the brush stings so hard that any thoughts of having sex are the last thing on her mind. More punishments are promised if she doesn't learn to respect herself, her mom, and the uniform that she is wearing. She is one sorry-looking young girl nursing an aching sore red bottom. Join now!

Kiki Learns Respect

Kiki has been summoned for a showdown meeting with the new young assistant coach, Anastasia. The reason for this meeting is because Kiki has been showing attitude and constantly undermining the new coach's authority in front of the other girls. The Head Coach has given Anastasia full dispensation to teach this cheer girl a lesson as she sees fit. Head coach spanks the girls when they are out of line... and that is what is going to happen to Kiki. There is little choice in the matter unless Kiki wants to leave the most successful squad in recent memory. Anastasia spanks a lot harder than Kiki thought possible and she soon regrets her earlier sassy attitude as the assistant coach really goes at it. She ensures Kiki's bottom burns when she is spanked on the bare! You'll see some great facial reactions from Kiki as she struggles at times from the great hand spanking action from Anastasia (who asserts her newfound authority). Kiki is bound to tell the other girls not to antagonize their new coach in the future. Anastasia earns and Kiki learns the meaning of respect! Join now!