No Panties at Practice

When Sarah films with Tubaman she brats him to the max! It comes as no surprise that Sarah is especially bratty in this latest episode as Daddy waits for her to return from cheer practice. He was told of her latest silly behavior and wants to know how anyone would not wear panties to practice especially wearing such a short skirt. Sarah was sent home after the coach ensured that she was properly covered below. When Daddy confronts her with what he was told, she plays it off, ignores his concerns, shows little respect, and of course, thinks it is funny to brat him at every turn! Eventually, even his patience is tested and he takes her over his lap for another much-needed spanking. Even though she is wearing the correct panties now, he has her pull them down to embarrass the brat further with a harder hand spanking across the paternal lap. Sarah's bare buttocks start to turn a darker shameful red as his hand does the talking and only stops when he feels that she is genuinely sorry. Sarah is left to rub and soothe her burning cheeks, being a little less bratty, and a lot more contrite like a good girl should behave. Join now!

Lazy Kat Spanked by Mom

Smiling Kat doesn't take much seriously nowadays but that is all about to change! Her mom had asked her to grab some extra groceries on the way home. Lazy Kat forgot and all that she produced was a mushy old banana that she found in her car that was given to her previously for a snack at school. Mom is annoyed that Kat thinks this is all a bit of a joke. Since she won't take anything seriously anymore, perhaps a spanking over the maternal lap might change her mind. Kat has plenty of "Smart Alec" remarks in reply to the scolding which only infuriates her mom more as the tight cheer panties are pulled down and the naughty girl's bouncing behind is spanked harder. Silly Kat still thinks this is still not necessary so she is told to go fetch the wooden hairbrush located on the bedside table before taking her position over the stern maternal lap once more. Mom leglocks the lazy madam since she likes to squirm and at last the heavy, mean wooden implement leaves its mark across the impertenant daughter's bare buttocks. Despite the punishment, Kat deals with the fact her bottom is sore and throbbing by pretending it didn't matter... but she is told to go fetch the groceries and that car ride will be most uncomfortable! Join now!

Any Excuse To Spank Arella

This is a little different than what we would normally show at Cheerleader Spankings but after filming Arella in a previous role we were so enamored with her appearance that we decided to showcase her in something strikingly offbeat. Arella requested multiple times for us to spank her further, so we decided to keep her in that cute sexy uniform... because, after all... who would need an excuse to spank her some more? In three separate scenes, Arella is spanked for the sake of it in some revealing and intimate positions. The first is over her coach's lap and she receives a hard hand spanking with her panties removed and her legs spread. The second scene moves to her bent over the couch, legs parted, as her privates are bared and exposed with a second camera angle capturing her facial reactions. She is spanked with a heavy leather Reformatory Strap and her bottom glows from the attention it continually receives. In the final installment, Arella is given an intimate spanking in the wheelbarrow position. Love it or loathe it, Arella is perfectly made for this special spanking position, and dressed in her cute cheer uniform this just seems too good an excuse not to have her spanked this way! All in all, this is a great showcase of beautiful Arella Bell getting the spankings she craves; Who are we to argue with her? Join now!

Lying Dolly Learns Her Lesson

Dolly is the type of brat who thinks she can get away with just about anything; At school, at home, and even at cheer practice. Recently, however... Dolly is starting to learn that her behavior has consequences through much-needed discipline used on her the old-fashioned way, with spankings and such. This latest incident infuriates the school nurse as Dolly attempts to lie and fake an illness (whilst still in her cheer uniform) to get her way. The nurse, Miss Bernadette, has seen all the tricks these girls use. She humors Dolly at first but decides to see how far the silly girl will continue with her deception by taking a humiliating rectal temperature-taking. Dolly stares at her in disbelief as the thermometer is lubed with greasy Vaseline and her lies are tested as the cold glass enters her tight butthole. Of course, there is no fever and Dolly is scolded and takes a further spanking across her already punished sore bottom! The cheerleader is shamed and spread on the examination table as the spanking continues with a leather strap that stings the lying brat's bottom until the nurse is satisfied that a lesson (for now) has been taught - that lying is never the answer! Join now!

Cara's Spanking Party Spanking

This film is a little different, starring gorgeous Cara Day, it shows what many of us get up to at a typical spanking party in the USA. Impact play of varying intensity with different implements (often used in combination or in an unorthodox way) makes for a lot of improv between Top and Bottom even when the play is often negotiated in advance. So we dressed up Cara in a stunning cheerleader uniform and had the perfect excuse to spank her for the fun of it. Judging by Cara and John's smiles and reactions, they got this just right in the short time they played together on film. There's no storyline, just spankings because we wanted to! Cara receives an OTK spanking, with a "Good Girl" smacking which reveals the lines of an earlier caning. Two Reformatory Straps are used, side by side, separately, and together to make a heavy thuddier impact. She receives these bent over before also having the backs of her thighs spanked and then (lying down on the couch) receiving a wicked leather belting across the backs of her thighs. By the end, the beautiful spreading red warmth of their playtime is more than evident! We hope that you enjoy this film which reveals a little of what happens behind the scenes at a real spanking party! Join now!

Spanked For Spreading Rumors

Sisters Amy and Madison are competitive at home and on the school's cheer squad. Madison is unhappy that her younger sis has been spreading so many false rumors about her to have her thrown off the squad. As cheer captain, Madison is the strongest girl whom the others look up to and Amy can't stand that! However, it's a day of reckoning for the younger sister as she learns there are consequences for making things up to discredit a respected, winning cheer captain. Madison takes Amy over her lap for a well-deserved spanking from her strong hand and pulls down Amy's tight panties to ensure the punishment is embarrassing enough for her. Not content with just this hand spanking, Madison produces a stinging Mason & Pearson hairbrush to ensure Amy learns her lesson, as the facilitator of lies receives a hard mean thrashing across her pert sore red cheeks. Join now!

Sunny's Not So Sweet Spanking

Sunny has been called to a special meeting with the coach who has seen footage of her tampering with the refreshing lemonade drinks that are given to the girls during and after practice. She denies this at first but when confronted with evidence that she had placed more sugar in the drinks to make the other girls less competitive, he is furious at her selfish behavior wanting to be the best girl using this method! Of course, Sunny is a very good cheerleader and he doesn't want to bench her indefinitely, so informs her that she will be punished. She is spanked over his lap and spanked hard across her bare bottom for added humiliation. This punishment concludes with a leather strapping as she is placed over the sofa, ensuring her bare exposed bottom is suitably sore and stinging. This reminds the naughty cheerleader that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in the future. Join now!

Dolly & Willow's Humiliating Initiation

This is our special 350th cheer film which is also a cross-over with ABDLspanking. Dolly and Willow are joining the cheer squad at their new college but the only catch is that they must go through a very humiliating initiation process. The two head coaches, Alora and Essie, take absolute joy in performing this ritual with the new "fresh meat". They are spanked, paddled, stripped, fondled, and made fun of in the most demeaning manner. The poor girls must repeat embarrassing sentences and ask for their various punishments. When the new cheer girls are completely nude, the ultimate embarrassment of being put into diapers happens. They are age-regressed and made to feel so humiliated with the embarrassing cleanings, powdering of their fully exposed privates, and taped into crinkling diapers they thought they'd never ever feel again! However, this spanking and diapering initiation is what they must endure if they want to be on the best squad. Join now!

Jess's Last Chance

Jess was the best cheerleader on the team and it went to her head. She thought she was above the nonsense of practicing, and her attitude upset the other girls. It all comes to a head when the cheer team is at Regionals and a day before they are due to perform, Jess creates panic by almost dropping one of the girls in their final practice routine. Coach Osborne decides to nip this in the bud and has a showdown meeting with Jess in his room. Her attitude stinks and he has heard enough. She is out of the team unless she takes a spanking to learn a lesson that no one is above being punished for their behavior. It's her last chance and he doesn't care, the team morale comes first and she would be hard-pressed to explain this to her parents. The uppity cheerleader takes her humiliating spanking over his lap and further embarrassment ensues when he removes her tight cheer shorts. Her glorious bare round buttocks jiggle provocatively as they are given the spanking of their short life as she squirms and struggles to keep her composure. By the end of her spanking, Jess' bottom is glowing red with shame and all the girls will know that she has been punished. Coach hopes that a far more contrite and chastened Jess will help the team to win in the Regionals the following day! Join now!

Stella's Attitude Adjustment

Please welcome Stella making her first-ever appearance anywhere online. She is a true submissive with a bratty streak so it comes as no surprise that this debut film has Stella punished by her coach, Sarah Gregory, for some serious attitude adjustment. Sarah needs to have it out with her precocious cheerleader, who thinks she is above being disciplined and better than everyone else. She is about to find out, the hard way, that she shouldn't upset her coach. She takes Stella over her lap and quickly spanks the brat with her hard hand. Then Sarah embarrasses the naughty girl when she removes Stella's panties and what little remaining dignity she has left as the hand spankings continue. Sarah had also promised Stella a first-time whacking with the infamous painful wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. That time has arrived and a far more contrite Stella counts out the 10 measured swats. She winces and feels the burn of the dense wood across her bare buttocks. Stella is told to re-evaluate her contribution to the team before the next practice. Join now!