Caning Punishment by Headmistress

Standards must be maintained and Amy has misbehaved badly three times at the private school her parents pay so much for her education. The English Headmistress, Miss Matthews, reminds Amy that she has reached the Caning Punishment threshold for that week and she will thoroughly enjoy dishing out this discipline since she never has much cause to use her preferred method of correction. Brandishing and flexing the rattan rod, Miss Matthews orders Amy over the desk for the start of the caning punishment. What follows is a lengthy caning that leaves welts and sore red marks across Amy's bare bottom as the camera captures every stroke and facial angle as Amy takes her punishment. Dressed in her green cheer uniform, Amy feels foolish and contrite by the end of her time with Miss Matthews, knowing that her behavior can not continue in this manner. She is one very sorry-looking girl, left to rub and soothe her bottom better after this ultimate punishment in Headmistress' Office. Join now!

Consequences for Sunny

Sunny has arrived home from practice smelling of stale cigarette smoke, just as her mom suspected. She is waiting for her errant girl, knowing that this time she has to take matters into her own hands. Sunny pleads and begs mom not to spank and use the hairbrush that she is brandishing, claiming that all the other girls smoke... and she felt pressured. Mom is having none of this and takes Sunny over the maternal lap for a much-needed hand spanking, first over her tight cheer panties, then on her bare exposed bottom to properly teach her a lesson. Once Sunny's cheeks are burning and sore only then is the hairbrush applied to teach her that girls who smoke get a harsher punishment. By the end of the spanking, Sunny is told to stand in the corner, her bare bottom poking out in shame, and reflect on what had happened at how displeased her mother had been with her latest behavior. Join now!

Team Before Self

Coach Johnny Lake has called head cheerleader, Anastasia Rose, to his hotel room after hearing about her lewd behavior and he needs to see for himself what she has to say about her actions. Anastasia turns up the worse for wear after partying most of the night and witnesses reported her promiscuity to hotel staff which has tarnished the image of the school at The Nationals. He decides a short sharp shock punishment is in order and he wastes no time taking her over his lap on the bed for an embarrassing hard hand spanking that he knows she needs! Anastasia is in disbelief but can not argue about her filthy slutty behavior and so takes a bare bottom spanking which has her gasping before her bottom starts to turn red. Once Coach Lake believes her bottom is burning he places the naughty girl on all fours over the bed using a leather strap that he takes on his travels for just such "emergencies". Anastasia learns a valuable lesson that she should behave and concentrate on the team before thinking about her own selfish pleasures. Team before self! Join now!

No Cheer for No Panties

Kajira and Lily caused quite a stir at the game when they removed their panties during the cheers for the football team, who they believed helped motivate them to win. The Principal and Board of Governors disagreed and Kajira's mom had to come to pick up the disgraced pair early. Lily's folks were out of town so she had already been invited to stay over for the night with Kajira. Mom is not pleased with them and takes her girl, Kajira, over the maternal lap for a hand spanking which horrifys Lily as she is told to watch... knowing she will suffer the same fate next! Kajira's panties are pulled down and her bare cheeks are given a harder spanking followed by the hairbrush which she hates and pleads with mom but to no avail. Then it is Lily's turn, she has the same humiliating spanking and hairbrush punishment as her friend, Kajira, who is watching what happens whilst rubbing her sore, red bottom better. The girls are told to reflect on their behavior, their bottoms exposed and red... and to stay in the Living Room as Mom prepares dinner before they are sent to bed early. Join now!

Coach Blackmailed and Disciplined

Coach Sarah Gregory has the tables turned on her by one of her star performers, Veronica Weston, during a disciplinary meeting about the cheerleader's tardiness to practice. Veronica soon changes the subject to some of the squad's latest routines, as she knows exactly where these "new" cheers were taken from... or when, as it was from the 1980s! Sarah never expected anyone to find out and is essentially blackmailed into accepting some of her own medicine... receiving a spanking - just how she spanks her girls. Veronica enjoys getting her own back on the mean coach as she spanks her exactly the same humiliating way; the dreaded ritual of a hand spanking over panties and on the bare bottom. Sarah is embarrassed but takes the punishment so no one else will find out how she has come up with the new routines. To ensure she learns her lesson, Veronica notices a nasty-looking hairbrush on the side of the couch and asks Sarah to present it to her so that it can be used across her bare, exposed bottom. She knows this will hurt and gasps out loud as the implement burns her cheeks a shameful hue of crimson. By the end of this punishment, Coach knows exactly how her girls feel and it offers a new perspective on being too eager to discipline them when they make mistakes or infractions. Join now!

Special Punishment for a Dirty Secret

Kiki arrives home from cheer practice to discover Mommy waiting for her, sitting in the spanking chair brandishing the dreaded wooden bathbrush and a mean scowl. Kiki wonders if she knows her naughty secret... and how would she know? Just how would she know? However, Mommy does know all too well that Kiki's slutty behavior with the Quarterback has made it home, and that the rude sexual act she performed on the young man will not go unpunished. Kiki had already been severely disciplined at school but Mommy is far from satisfied with that and tells her that the bathbrush will be used across her bare buttocks after she goes over the maternal lap for a mean hand spanking. The cheerleader knows this punishment is deserved for the way she behaved so reluctantly accepts the spanking and the horrid wooden brush that has her bottom burning red while she grimaces in pain. As if this was not humiliating enough, Mom has something additional in mind for what her precious darling put in her mouth and takes Kiki to the bathroom for the mouth soaping of all soapings. Her mouth is thoroughly washed and scrubbed with the nasty-tasting frothy soap bubbles until any nice thoughts of the Quaterback's member are wiped from the slutty girl's memory. This severe at-home punishment was carried out because Mommy just wanted the best for her precious girl. Join now!

No More Broken Promises

Please welcome Ciara Momoko Bubblezz (pronounced Si-air-rah Bubbles) in her first spanking film online. This is a classic tale of a cheer girl not making good on her promises. She has been failing to turn up on time, despite many warnings... as well as promising that she could perform the forward rolls required for the squad's latest routine. During a local competition, she froze when she had to do her part of the routine, much to the annoyance and anger of her coach and the other girls. If she wants to remain in the squad and keep her prized scholarship, she will learn to keep promises with renewed impetus from a hard hand spanking followed by a special leather paddling. Coach Osborne spanks her over his lap with his firm hand on her bared bottom as it quickly turns a shameful red. Then he places her in a forward position over the bench as he continues to spank her exposed, quivering bottom before using the heavy paddle across her reddened cheeks of shame. Afterward, her sore bottom glowing from the coach's punishment, she is left to contemplate her actions. She promises to do better in the future or face being benched and thrown out of the cheer squad. Join now!

Cheer Captain Chastised

Acting cheer captain, Amy Fox, has been called to the office of Coach Audrey for an appraisal of her recent performance in charge of the girls. It is not good as Amy soon discovers when Audrey informs her she is at risk of losing the captaincy for her poor attitude which is rubbing off on the rest of the squad. Amy's sassy replies only confirm that she needs some additional motivation with the sort of discipline that has painful consequences. Amy goes over Audrey's lap for a hand spanking that soon turns her cheeks a shameful red before her continuing sass earns her the wooden paddle bent over the desk. Amy's pert bottom is bared and exposed, ready for the inevitable stinging swats of the nasty wooden implement. She remains captain for now but needs to improve her attitude for the good of the team. Amy is one sorry girl, promising to do better in the future. Join now!

Dolly's Extra Discipline

Dolly believes she is better than the other girls in the cheer squad, especially those that have been competing for years. It has caused a rift with the hard-working talent and Dolly thinks she has the protection of the coach... since he is her boyfriend. However, she is in for a rude awakening as he points out that for the team's good, he must punish her so she sees the error of her ways. Dolly tries to flutter her eyelids and appeal to his better nature but he is having none of it and takes her over his lap for a long, well-deserved spanking. Dolly's bare booty jiggles and reddens under the relentless smacks of coach Johnny's hard hand. The spanking doesn't stop until Johnny is satisfied she understands why she needed the corrective disciple; for the good of team morale. Join now!

Apricot Taught a Lesson

Apricot's attitude recently has been causing her mother a lot of concern and witnessed by the latest incident when she arrived home early from cheer practice. Apricot claims that she isn't feeling well and decided to quit practice early but her lack of sports panties fuels further mistrust from her mom. Since she isn't feeling well, mom decides to take apricots temperature... rectally. The lying girl will do anything to prove she isn't... so reluctantly agrees and realizes just how humiliating this is... all to cover up her fibs! Mom knows her girl all too well and decides to teach Apricot a further lesson by giving her a spanking across her bare buttocks... spanked like a naughty lying little girl. The hand spanking is not enough though, and Apricot is told to fetch the family hairbrush and ask for mommy to use it hard across her sore aching buttocks. Apricot yelps and squirms as the nasty stinging implement reminds her that lying to mommy has painful consequences. She is one sorry-looking girl by the end, rubbing her red sore bottom better. Join now!