Cheerleader and Schoolgirl Wedgies

In this special custom film, Sarah the cheerleader is making fun of Dolly the schoolgirl... picking on her and giving her several panty wedgies as part of her "fun" for wearing the wrong panties. Not long after, Miss Bernadette arrives hearing the commotion and has Dolly show her the wedgie but realizes that she not wearing regulation knickers and gives her a big wedgie of her own and has the disgraced schoolgirl stand in the corner, skirt up, on full display. Sarah is also wearing inappropriate panties so she receives an embarrassing wedgie too, as receiving a humiliating spanking with them painfully pulled up her crotch. As the girls were fighting, Miss Bernadette believes both of them to be guilty so Dolly faces the same humiliating punishment as she is spanked over the teacher's lap with her panties pulled up tight from her crack. The girls are left to stand in front of the blackboard, their sore bottoms and wedgied panties on display... once Miss leaves, the bickering girls attempt to out-wedgie the other with panties pulled as far as they can without breaking! Join now!

Sunny Can't Be Trusted

Stepdads often have to put up with a lot of bad behavior from their new girls during the transition time when boundaries and limits are always tested! Sunny is one such girl as she has been testing her new stepdad, John, for some time. However, today he turns the tables on her... and it is for her own good, as you will find out. She has been missing cheer practice, deceiving everyone at home when she leaves the house in full uniform. The coach and a recruiter contact John at home to wonder why she has not been attending practice... there are real concerns as a scholarship depends on this! So now you will understand why he is upset upon her return and confronts her with the fact she has been lying and can't be trusted. He takes her over his lap and gives Sunny a long overdue spanking over her tight pristine sports panties, but these are soon removed, along with her shoes... as the poor girl struggles and kicks whilst spanked! Sunny's bare cheeks turn dark and warm with shame, then he points to the Family Strap across the room as he tells her to go fetch the strap and ask him to use it on her exposed, vulnerable cheeks. It's a dreaded implement that hasn't been used in anger for a long time and has her feeling apprehensive and embarrassed that it has come to this. Lying face down, bottom up on the sofa, Sunny is given a hard, mean leather strapping that stings awfully across her aching buttocks. She knows this punishment is for her own good, and since she can not be trusted he will take her to practice, in person the next day, to ensure she gets that coveted scholarship place! Join now!

I Didn't Raise a Slut

Veronica arrives home from cheer practice to find mom waiting for her... sitting on the couch in the Living Room. She is in a foul mood and asks Veronica why the coach would call her? Veronica feigns ignorance hoping that her mom is bluffing but she knows everything about the boys that she has been making out with and earning herself quite the reputation as a slut! In this house, misbehavior of any kind is dealt with the old-fashioned way, as Veronica knows only too well. So with a sinking heart, she takes her place over the imposing maternal lap for the start of her spanking punishment. Mom scolds her, reminding her how a proper young lady should behave and those tight cheer panties are pulled down quickly for the spanking to continue with the stinging hand across her bare bottom... followed by the dreaded hairbrush. Veronica has earned this punishment and she squirms and wriggles in pain as the wooden implement reddens her buttocks without mercy. She is one sorry girl who learns the hard way that there are consequences for behaving like a slut at cheer practice. Join now!

Learning to Make the Grade

Smitten is waiting for coach Johnny Lake to pick her up and give her a ride to Cheer Practice. He first lets her mother know that despite being one of his best girls in the squad, her place is in serious jeopardy due to her failing grades at school. This news is unsettling and upsets Smitten's mother (Miss Bernadette) who is appalled by her falling grades. Coach recommends using a leather strap that he found on his travels and is willing to show her how to use this implement of correction, but first, Mom takes the young lady over her lap for a maternal hand spanking. More shame befalls Smitten, as it is quickly discovered that she is not wearing any panties underneath that short skirt. Coach takes turns spanking Smitten on her bare, exposed bottom before she is placed over the couch for a leather strapping. He explains how to use this mean implement which is most effective at teaching miscreants a valuable lesson. In the end, Mother also has a go at strapping her naughty girl, who by now is contrite and embarrassed... promising to do better at school to keep her coveted cheer place. Join now!

Dirty Flirt Taught a Lesson

The new young coach, Alora Lux, has had an issue with one of her cheer girls and decides to deal with this privately after cheer practice. Willow has been relentlessly flirting with her coach and has a reputation for lewd behavior which has also affected some of the other girls. Willow is in denial about her behavior and this frustrates the coach who resorts to a more effective method of correction. This is not just a spanking punishment... Willow has merited more than that and Alora humiliates her with the type of behavior she has had to endure firsthand! Alora scolds and strips Willow of her panties and dignity showing her how inappropriate her behavior has been. Placed into the splits and the plank positions, Willow is further spanked and humiliated. Alora shows her how coming on to someone without thought to their feelings is wrong and Willow, for once, is truly humbled! She has a choice to either become a better cheerleader... or leave the squad. Willow is left to reflect on the lesson of how not to flirt with the wrong people as she rubs and soothes her poor, red sore bottom better. Join now!

Cheer Camp Rivals Spanked and Paddled

Dolly Mattel and Sophia Quinn have been sent to Cheer Camp where girls with plenty of attitude have one last chance to succeed. Coach Lake has dealt with many girls in his career and gets results but these pair are among the worst. They can't stop fighting and being mean to each other and their rivalry is affecting the other girls. So a swift sharp shock is needed and both girls are spanked in front of the other for added humiliation. Coach Lake ensures both girls get to see and feel what happens to naughty girls that misbehave with his hard hand. Finally, he paddles them side by side with their bare, sore bottoms swaying in the air... inviting targets for his leather implement. They are left to contemplate their futures, rubbing their sore behinds better. Join now!

Naughty Ella Spanked and Diapered

Nothing can be more embarrassing as a parent than to receive a call from the cheer coach to inform you that your precious princess has been kicked off the squad because she peed on the other girls from the top of the pyramid formation. The mental thought of that was bad enough so when Ella comes home as if nothing remarkable has happened that day at school, you can imagine how frustrating it must have been for mother to confront her about this abhorrent behavior! In no time at all, the nonchalant brat is taken over the maternal lap and spanked right there, still dressed in her cheer uniform. Ella's bare buttocks are spanked hard with mom's hand and a stiff leather paddle before she is told that her behavior has further consequences. Since she behaved like a baby, she'll be treated as one and placed into diapers once more... Ella hides her face in shame as mommy powders her private bits before expertly taping her into a white, super crinkly medical diaper that is barely concealed under the uniform. A reminder to Ella to not pee in a public place and act like the grown-up she is supposed to be! Join now!

Less Than Impressed with Lily

Please welcome Lily Thot making her first appearance on our websites. In this film, lily has missed the beginning of her routine... turning up late during the competition moves. Of course, the judges all saw the mistake and because of this, their chances of winning the Regionals were finished! Coach Osborne is upset... and more so that she let down the other girls who worked hard to be there! His punishment is swift and embarrassing for Lily as his hard hand smacks her bare reddening buttocks to a shameful red. She is scolded and reminded that he is less than impressed with her attitude before the final part of this much-needed discipline is carried out with her lying down on the sofa as his Reformatory Strap continues to lash her sore, aching bottom. Lily is told to go apologize to the squad and show the results of her punishment which he knows will further humiliate her afterward... as a warning to anyone who lets down the others in the future. Join now!

Teaching Ana Respect

Please welcome Ana L to our sites, she can take quite a spanking as you will see and we are pleased to be introducing you to her in some new and delightful roleplay scenarios with authentic uniforms that she appreciated wearing. In this first story... Ana knows she is in trouble for her loud party behavior the previous night. Her coach has told her it will be dealt with sometime before practice and he told her to be in uniform for "something special" which she thought rather cryptic. She is surprised to see the Hotel Manager, Miss Matthews, enter her room to inform the naughty girl of the "good news" about what the coach had planned. Miss Matthews is very displeased at the rude and loud behavior which meant that she had to placate other guests with vouchers and free breakfasts which cost her a considerable amount in lost revenue. She is there to teach this brat some respect for others and Ana can not believe that her coach has allowed this stranger to spank and discipline her on her bare bottom. That is precisely what follows as Ana feels rather foolish trying to argue her way out of the punishment whilst her panties are pulled down. Ana's pert bottom receives a firm hand spanking whilst her ears endure a fierce tongue-wagging from the manager! Of course, this isn't all the miscreant gets... Miss Matthews had walked in with her Mason & Pearson hairbrush, knowing full well that this implement would sting horribly. She wants to ensure that Ana's tight round buttocks will be ringing soundly to the whacks of the brush and this cheerleader's punishment will not be over until Miss Matthews is satisfied that she teaches some genuine respect... the old-fashioned way! Join now!

Essie Spanked Strapped and Caned

Essie was taken off the cheer squad during the game when many people noticed she was flashing her panties and her exposed privates to anyone looking her way. The coach was furious, his job could be on the line and so he has her waiting behind afterward so he can determine what to do with her. Essie's feeble apologies are ignored as he mentions how her actions brought the entire school's reputation into disrepute! She is going to learn a lesson and not with a simple hand spanking, not this time... he is also going to strap and cane her sorry ass to teach her a real lesson! Coach spanks her bare bottom over his lap and her cheeks warm and redden quickly before she is placed against the wall, bottom out, as he begins to strap her hard. The leather implement soon has her gasping as her bottom jiggles provocatively in pain before a final six severe strokes of the cane make her yelp loudly in disbelief. She is left to compose her sorry self, rubbing her aching sore bottom before being allowed to go home in shame for what she had done. Join now!