Shameful Attention Seekers Spanked

Misty and Riley have been sent to the headmistress's office, Miss Elizabeth, for wearing what little remains of their cheer uniforms which is highly inappropriate and slutty. As cheerleaders, the girls are allowed to wear their uniform on a Friday at school... but of course, they need to wear all of their uniforms! Instead, they turn up to the office in tight white Spanx which barely conceals the voluptuous shape and outline of their shapely bottoms and slutty camel toes in front. This attention-seeking behavior will not be tolerated so each girl takes her turn over the lap of the headmistress as they are scolded and spanked. Riley is first and her very tight, inappropriate shorts are pulled down since they are not hiding much. Misty watches this unfold, seeing her friend spanked hard, knowing she is next. Misty has also been spanked recently for yet more slutty antics when Miss Elizabeth pulls down the tight white garment over Misty's full, ample cheeks revealing evidence of an already sore red bottom. She is spanked equally hard once more as poor Riley watches then both girls are informed that they will also receive a leather paddling for such lewd, disgusting behavior. The girls are despondent by now as they are bent over a chair and their sore bottoms are thrashed with the stiff, firm leather implement. Afterward, Miss Elizabeth writes a report which will be sent to their homes. All they can do is wince and rub their throbbing, shameful spanked bottoms as Miss seals their fates for further after-school punishments later, no doubt! Fans of Misty Lovelace, Riley Haze, and Miss Elizabeth will adore this latest film... a perfect addition for any spanking connoisseur. Join now!

Mascot Misdemeanor

What did Lily think would happen when she stole a rival school's treasured mascot and took it home to hide? She thought she was acting in the school's interest and upping the rivalry stakes when her squad cheered for the school's team. However, Principal Rogers receives an angry request from the rival school when they identify the perpetrator. Lily is summoned to his office and only one thing will suffice to diffuse the situation, a hard punishment spanking. Not only that, but she is to receive the dreaded school board, a wooden paddle that every girl is fearful of. Lily's objections are noted but she ends up over the principal's lap anyway, getting a deserved hard hand spanking that has her yelping and squirming in pain and embarrassment. Her tight panties are pulled down and her red buns are smacked harder before she is told to bend over the chair, presenting her bottom for the paddle. Each swat of wood burns and welts her cheeks to a dark ring of burning red. She is given a Baker's Dozen before being left to contemplate her foolish actions, with her panties still pulled down, leaving her feeling ashamed and humiliated. Join now!

Little Lying Violet Spanked

Violet rushes home from cheer practice on her bike as she always does, and Mom has noticed just how careless and selfish her girl has become when placing it in the garage. Mom has a brand new car so immediately notices a minor scratch and scolded Violet about it previously. So when she does it again several times, Mom has had enough of this behavior and is waiting for Violet after the latest practice session... sitting in the "spanking chair". Violet tries to lie her way out of trouble and denies causing more damage but she just digs herself deeper and deeper into the "Liar's Hole" that she has foolishly made for herself. Mother reminds Violet of the consequences and brandishes a vintage hairbrush, exclaiming with glee how much this brush will hurt her bottom later. Firstly though, she needs to be placed over the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. Violet's tight white shorts ride up and offer little protection from Mom's hand but to add humiliation into the mix, those shorts and panties are removed in turn as her bare, sore red bottom takes an even harder hand smacking. Then it is time for the dreaded brush punishment that was promised. Poor Violet's bottom is already quivering in pain and this implement really has her legs kicking over the maternal lap as the hairbrush stings horribly! By now, Violet is a very sorry-looking young lady who learns not to tell lies at home. She is sent to her room in shame and to ponder on her thoughtless actions. Join now!

Spying Amy Spanked

Kajira invites Amy over to her place after she catches her once again checking out the squad's latest cheer routines. She is sick and tired of this rivalry so decides to teach little spying Amy a lesson she won't forget. In no time at all, Kajira pulls a protesting Amy over her lap and starts to spank her hard. The anger shows as Kajira takes out the frustrations of being spied on with a bare bottom spanking. Amy truly learns her lesson when Kajira then produces a nasty looking wooden hairbrush that is used across her impertinent rival's reddening, sore bare buttocks. Amy is shamed and chastised... a young lady who is taught a lesson not to spy on rival teammates and she is kicked out of the apartment once thoroughly dealt with. There will be no more clandestine spying from Amy or she will endure further painful consequences. Join now!

Twerkers Taught a Lesson

This is a milestone film, being the 300th made available to view from today. As one would expect, it is a very special feature starring Miss Katherine (as the principal), Jayda Blayze, Kajira Bound and (a topless) Angelica Vee. The girls have been sent to Miss Katherine after they were caught teaching their classmates how to twerk. On a Friday, they were allowed to wear their cheer uniforms, but in this case, the girls have abused their position of trust, especially with the obscene twerking moves they were sharing with their class. They are sent to the principal and on the way, Angelica removes her top as she had coffee spilled on it. Imagine the disrespect one would show teaching staff, turning up for a disciplinary meeting... topless! Needless to say, the girls are scolded and told they will all be spanked in front of each other, with their shorts removed for hard hand spankings that soon wiped the smirks off their faces. The three girls had shown little respect earlier, so they are all given a dozen swats with a stiff leather paddle across already sore, aching behinds. Afterward, they are told to go and pick up emergency clothing used for young ladies who can not be trusted adding to the shame they now feel for the remainder of their long school day ahead. Join now!

Veronica Spanked for Poor Conduct

Veronica is dragged home in shame by her mom after witnessing one of the worst tackles she had ever witnessed at the school soccer field. Veronica's deliberate and mistimed tackle during the game resulted in her breaking the opponent's leg! Once home, Veronica is ear pulled to the couch as Mom still scolds her girl for that awful tackle... how could she do such a thing? She is pulled over the maternal lap where she is harshly spanked with mom's hard hand and veronica quickly loses what remaining dignity she had with the removal of her shorts and panties. Without remorse, the spanking continues but then worse is to come as Veronica dares to place her hand and block the continued spanking. This infuriates her mother that she insists her girl go fetch the dreaded family Paddle... a stiff leather paddle that stings relentlessly. She soon remembers how painful this is as her pert buttocks are stuck out, receiving swat after swat bent over the couch. She will learn that poor conduct on the field of play has very real consequences off it... Veronica's bottom will heal in a few days, which is more than can be said for her poor opponent's leg! Join now!

Wash Day Blues for Helen

Helen Stephens arrives home from cheer practice to discover her dad is not pleased with her at all. She soon discovers why he is upset and thinks it is amusing that his white shirts got colored blue from her uniform in the washing machine. He should have checked, she thinks... after all, who would mix dark colors with a white wash? Father is not pleased with her lack of humility and smirking so informs her that it is she that should be more careful... after all, throwing her uniform into the machine when he was planning a white shirt wash is selfish and unfair! He rolls up his sleeve and Helen knows this means she is about to be spanked. She pleads, unsuccessfully, and ends up over his lap as he soon turns her pale bare bottom a darker color... of red! The hard hand spanking continues but he isn't finished with her. Helen's insolence has earned her a mean leather strapping that he knows will get the message across in no uncertain terms. She is bent over the chair and given many stinging swats of the strap until Helen's poor bottom is burning in shame. She is left to compose herself and reflect on her selfishness as she soothes her bottom better by rubbing her swollen red cheeks with her hands. Join now!

Scholarship Spanking

Gena returns home from "cheer practice" and is confronted by her angry mom who has been worried sick after she discovers her girl has been avoiding it recently. Not only that, but the College Recruiter has been wanting to watch Gena, to make sure that she is the right girl for their Scholarship Program. Mom can not afford to send Gena to college without this and she has repeated this often so wants to know what was so important that Gena was prepared to miss practice again and again! She knows her girl is hiding the truth, which just makes her angrier and she promises Gena that she will receive the hairbrush across her bare bottom. However, before all that... Gena is scolded and taken across the maternal lap for a hard, mean, bottom reddening hand spanking. Still dressed in her cheer uniform, Gena feels humiliated when she is told to ask for the hairbrush to be used across her bare, sore bottom... but that is what happens. She will be writing a letter of apology to the recruiter with some added provisos that you will find out in this film! You'll also discover why she was skipping practice... and you'll understand why Mom was so upset that she thought this more important than the scholarship and her future. Join now!

Defiler Spanked and Strapped

An incident in the locker room during cheer practice leads to Anastasia being immediately sent to the principal's office of Mr. Osborne. He has just been briefed on the telephone by the shocked coach that she was caught masturbating... openly and lewdly masturbating in a public place! What an absolutely shocking turn of events. The self defiling cheerleader is scolded by the principal and he tells her, in no uncertain terms, that she is going to be immediately punished with a harsh hand spanking and with the school's painful Reformatory Strap. He places her over the desk and removes her foul shorts to spank her bare, exposed bottom. He gives her a further stern telling off, a reminder about "what was she thinking?" as the hand spanking turns her bottom a shade of rouge. As promised earlier, Anastasia also receives the leather strap and he doesn't hold back. Disgusted by her brazen lewdness, the principal gives Anastasia such a mean leathering across her bared, wobbling buttocks that she gasps out in shock during her deserved discipline. After the punishment, Anastasia is told to leave his office and get straight back to the cheer practice she had disrupted with her filthy behavior. Join now!

Willow's Outdoor Punishment

Willow is taken aside at the latest cheer practice by her new coach, Miss Matthews, who can see who is the weakest link in the squad. She is going to nip Willow's bratty and shoddy behavior in the bud with a method of discipline that this young lady should have received a long time ago... with a spanking! She takes the miscreant over her lap, on a bench, and proceeds to spank the naughty girl who kicks and struggles, complaining that she doesn't deserve this! Unfortunately, for Willow, this only makes things worse as the coach removes what little protection her tight shorts offer to spank her on her reddening sore bottom. The spankings can be heard in the yard as they echo loudly, Willow feels ashamed as she knows the other girls will be able to hear this. Once her bottom is swollen and sore, she is told to stretch and get back to practice! This short sharp shock spanking is a reminder that her poor behavior will not be tolerated in the future. Join now!