Disrespectful Dolly Disciplined

Dolly has been told to go and report to Principal Bernadette's office for a special punishment after she disrespected the coaching staff again. This time it was for using crude finger signs, flipping the bird, to the coach and other teaching staff. It is unacceptable behavior and this is what the principal reminds her of when they meet. It appears that Dolly has no shame and thinks this is all rather amusing until she is gestured to bend over the desk and her cheer skirt is lifted for the start of a spanking. Further embarrassment ensues when the tight panties are pulled down so that Miss Bernadette can continue to spank Dolly on her bare, exposed bottom. The punishment continues with a leather strapping and Dolly is told to present the school's Compliance Strap to her principal... she finds this embarrassing and isn't feeling so sassy anymore. The strapping has Dolly yelping and crying out in pain as her bottom reddens in shame but her disrespectful hands are the last to be punished... and she will not like this one little bit! A short stiff leather strap is used across Dolly's outstretched hands with six stinging swats given to each. Miss Bernadette reminds a sorry-looking, tearful Dolly that her disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and that this type of discipline will be the consequence of her foolishness in the future. It's time for Dolly to get serious at school and apply herself! Join now!

Corrective Discipline for Lexi

Lexi Holland has been summoned to meet Coach Johnny Lake at the team's hotel suite. He is alone, except for a Reformatory Strap and a mean scowl as he reprimands his Head Cheer Girl for her recent behavior. She has jeopardized the school's relationship with the hotel because she is the instigator of high jinks and pranks on the premises. He has promised the management that there will be no more incidents after dealing with Lexi in his fashion. Coach likes to mete out discipline the traditional way, ensuring corrective measures with spanking and other forms of punishment. Lexi is told she will take a spanking and that there is the promise of a leather strapping across her buttocks afterward for her to think about. She reluctantly goes over his lap and is embarrassed that his hard hand is soon smacking the seat of her white panties. The poor girl can feel her bottom starting to burn and then endures the humiliation of him pulling down her panties to reveal her pink cheeks. Johnny continues to spank and scold Lexi as the punishment progresses and her bottom reddens from the hard spankings. He reminds her about the strap and has Lexi bend over the couch, her bottom fully exposed as he delivers 20 swats of leather across her sore aching cheeks. Lexi has great facial reactions and you will be able to watch her bottom redden beautifully during the punishment. Join now!

Birdy Spanked for Skipping Practice

Please welcome Birdy in her first online spanking film anywhere. She arrives home in her pristine cheer uniform to find Mom confronting her about what she had been doing there. She doesn't realize it but her Mom knows she hasn't been to practice, so she foolishly tries to lie her way out of trouble. The deception is short-lived when her lies are revealed and Birdy tries to justify why she went to the carnival instead... "it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing," she feebly argues. Skipping practice and lying are two reasons Birdy is about to discover that earn her a spanking. She goes over the maternal lap and Mom smacks the naughty lying madam with her hand. Birdy tries to stop the spanking by placing her hand back, and for the continual wriggling and squirming she is leg-locked by Mom after her panties are pulled down. The indignity of being spanked like this only worsens when Mom produces a stiff, heavy paddle that she introduces to Birdy. The final part of the punishment is agony for the lying cheerleader as the leather hits her round cheeks ensuring they are red and sore. A sorry-looking Birdy is left alone to contemplate her foolish behavior as she rubs her cheeks better. Join now!

Riley Spanked Hard At Home

Riley's dad confronts her over why she is still wearing the school cheer uniform when she has been kicked off the squad. He doesn't like her attitude or the lies she is telling as he knows she can no longer be on the team, and he reminds her that lying has consequences. It has been some time since she had received a spanking at home but all that is about to change as she is placed on the paternal lap. His hard hand smacks her full round cheeks and she kicks and squirms as her tight panties are pulled down for the inevitable continued correction across her bared cheeks. The mean smacks from his strong hands begin to grab her attention and she is leg-locked for the wriggling as the spanking concludes with the use of a stinging hairbrush that brings Riley to a flood of tears. By the end of this punishment, she is one very sorry, chastised young lady who promises to behave and not lie or wear a uniform to which she is no longer entitled. Join now!

Anything But The Brush

Kat is at home on the couch scrolling through her phone when Mom arrives home to see her there instead of at cheer practice. The whole point of attending practice today was to impress a talent scout who would increase her chance of gaining a precious scholarship. It would seem that Kat could not be bothered, lying there without a care in the world, smirking as she is being told off. Kat is taken over the maternal lap for a well-deserved hand spanking and it is not long before her bare bottom is getting a harder smacking, as well as a torrent of noise from the continual, angry scolding. Kat has upset her folks this time and will no doubt receive further punishments when "He" gets home... as her mother continually promises! The final part of Kat's spanking is with a wooden hairbrush that is used with gusto across her reddening buttocks as she pleads for anything but this type of punishment. She should have thought about that earlier instead of dallying around at home. It's a little too late to say "sorry" and Kat is now aware that her foolish behavior has consequences and her sore, throbbing red bottom will be the least of her worries if she doesn't apply herself in the future! Join now!

Ruined Garden Ruined Bottom

Madison Swan has been practicing hard on her cheers in her uniform (so she is comfortable with the moves) after school. The only issue is that she has been using her neighbor's yard as there is far more room than her place to jump and vigorously move about. This only came to the attention of her neighbor (Paul Rogers) when she had clumsily trodden on practically all of his newly planted Begonia bushes. He was upset and had contacted her parents next door who said that he could deal with her the old-fashioned way, like they often did, with a spanking punishment of his choosing. It wasn't long before Madison practiced her cheers again, and she was called into his sunroom and lectured about this selfish behavior... and the revelation that her parents had permitted him to punish her. She is shocked and complains but the trodden bushes are beyond saving so she finally agrees to accept her fate. The neighbor spanks her hard across his lap and she is kicking and yelping as his hard hand reddens her bare cheeks. The remainder of her punishment is carried out with an old leather strop. He places her on the couch with her bare bottom precariously stuck out and vulnerable to the delivery of the mean swats a double-sided leather seasoned strop can only do! Feeling ashamed and sorry for herself, Madison is left to ponder her actions. She soothes her aching sore red bottom afterward before Mr. Rogers has to buy more Begonias for his ruined garden. Join now!

The British Brat

It's been a few months since Matilda (and her Mommy) moved to the U.S. giving the naughty brat a chance to begin anew. One might hope a new start, which includes being selected for the school's cheer squad will help Matilda move on, as long as she behaves. However, this British brat refuses to redeem herself and has already been in trouble a few times. The latest incident at practice (when she swore at Coach Jackson) was the final straw for her put-upon mother. Matilda lies about her misbehavior at school, trying to conceal the truth about an earlier punishment from the coach, her first wooden paddling! This confirms to Mommy that more discipline is needed at home. Of course, she knew everything as Coach Jackson had called earlier to apprise her of this woeful situation. Poor Matilda's bottom is still sore and swollen but now she must go over the maternal lap for a hard, no-nonsense hand spanking across her bare buttocks. The brat yelps and complains, trying to argue from this position. This only infuriates Mommy, who produces a mean-looking hairbrush, and she continues to whack Matilda's tender red bottom to teach her a lesson. Eventually, the brat becomes far more contrite because her bottom is so tender. In a final loving moment between them, Matilda agrees to bake Coach Jackson some scrumptious English Scones as a sincere apology. The day's events can always be sorted with a good hard spanking, baking tasty scones, and drinking tea in the finest British tradition. Join now!

Spanked Again After Practice

Ziva arrives home early from cheer practice, hoping that news of her antics hasn't reached her parents' attention yet. However, in this day and age, the old ways of being able to tell fibs (when asked questions one knows might lead to a punishment) are long gone but Ziva tries anyway in the hope a message hasn't been delivered by email or text. Of course, Dad already knows exactly what happened at practice but wants to hear it from his girl... Ziva is far too ashamed to admit this freely, and he reminds her about a text he received from the cheer coach only five minutes ago. She was spanked and well punished at practice for behaving poorly, disrupting the squad, and swearing at the coach. She is reminded that a spanking at school means a spanking at home. Since cheer practice was on school grounds Ziva knows her fate and tentatively takes her place across the paternal lap. Her bottom is already sore and tender, but he doesn't hold back and ensures she receives an equally painful hand spanking, this time across her bare buttocks, as that is always more humiliating and stings far more. Ziva is close to tears and Dad removes his belt as she is told that he will be delivering several swats of leather across her upturned bare bottom. This end to her punishment has Ziva crying uncontrollably as she promises him that she will behave and do much better in the future. Join now!

Rude Arella Spanked

Arella Bell is sent home early in disgrace from cheer practice for being rude to the new assistant coach. Naturally, her mother has been contacted in advance and told the whole nasty truth and she is waiting on the couch for her naughty girl to arrive home. Arella lies and makes up reasons for her early arrival which secretly infuriates Mom further as the questions are answered with lie after lie! There is only so much of this that Samantha (her mother) can take and she lets Arella know Mom is aware of everything that transpired. Now the lying behavior will earn the naughty rude brat a trip over the maternal lap for a well-deserved spanking. The scolding and banter between these two continue but Arella soon becomes far more contrite as the spanking continues hard across her bare bottom before she is told to give Mommy the hairbrush and "ask for a spanking" with it. Now Arella feels embarrassed and realizes how foolish she has been, having her bared cheeks thrashed with the Mason & Pearson hairbrush. By the end, Arella is one sorry-looking young lady, left alone to nurse and rub her sore throbbing bottom! Join now!

Peeping Voyeurs Punished

Sarah and Dolly have been called to the office of Principal Rogers after news of their latest serious infraction. Between them, they had managed to drill a hole through the wall of the Boys Locker Room so they could spy on the naked male football players. Needless to say, this is no laughing matter and both young madams think this is all rather amusing. The principal has a hard time getting the message across about how unacceptable their behavior was so decides to teach them a lesson they might just learn for once! he tells them that they will both receive an old-fashioned over the knee spanking followed by a few licks of leather across their sore bottoms. Sarah is first to go over his lap but she continues to brat and sass him until the only way she quietens down is by having her panties pulled down for a bare bottom spanking. Then the same happens to Dolly... during her discipline, Sarah sneakily hides the leather strap that was promised to them both in Mr. Rogers' desk drawer. He is not amused at her antics and doubles the number of leather strappings to both ladies ensuring they receive ten hard licks of leather! They are left alone to rub and soothe their glowing red bottoms while he fills out the punishment report. Join now!