Annoying Amelia Spanked

Amelia is overly enthusiastic and excited in her new surrounding and new school and is so super-duper excited to have a meeting with Head Cheerleader of the school, Joelle Barros. She wants to try out at her new school for the squad but there is more... Joelle is polite at first and a little charmed with Amelia's enthusiasm but this soon changes when Amelia gleefully announces that she wants to try out for Head Cheergirl! Oblivious to Joelle's growing hostility, Amelia continues until Joelle "politely" reminds this English rose just how things are done in her cheer squad when team members don't do things correctly! A spanking, yup... a good old fashioned hand spanking and that is just what this haughty British babe gets as Joelle takes great delight in showing her cheer compatriot how Americans deal with unruly behavior! It's a hands on discipline and also panties down which soon shuts Amelia up and the spankings get harder and meaner on her bare reddening bottom as Joelle exacts revenge her for being tiresome and daring to take the lofty position of Head Cheergirl! Join now!

Spanked by Stepdad

Violet October returns home from cheer practice hoping that her stepdad doesn't know that she was punished earlier by Coach Lake for smoking. Of course he knew after receiving a call from Coach and was waiting for her. Violet is such a brat that she has attitude immediately she is questioned... and of course she hasn't learnt her lesson as he can smell fresh cigarette smoke on her breath. Violet is scolded then reminded that she will get a further spanking over his lap. She is far from happy and that bratty attitude is obvious as she reluctantly takes her spanking. Her tight cheer panties are pulled down revealing a sore red bottom that is spanked even more until her stepdad decides when he thinks that his girl is genuinely remorseful! Violet looks amazing in her authentic cheerleader uniform and her fans will love seeing her spanked like this! Very hot! Join now!

Spanked Sore Losers

The losers of this grudge volleyball game knew the consequences, whoever lost would pay the forfeit agreed to in advance in the winning team's changing room. These girls from the opposing teams really didn't like each other and the utter glee from the Red team winners is obvious as they decide exactly how to begin their reward for beating the sorry Blues. The Red team of Bianca, Adriana & Audrey, decide to humiliate and ridicule each of the losing girls with a good old fashioned spanking spread on the bench, as their fellow loser team mates got to watch each one take a humiliating spanking. Del, on the losing team is picked on first as she appears to be wearing a slutty pair of shorts which the Reds mock relentlessly and pull them down revealing her bare bottom. With Del's bare cheeks fully exposed, each girl takes turns spanking her and making fun of her embarrassing predicament! Then it's Ava's turn, the same awful, humiliating treatment followed by the tallest and their "best" player, Lexi, who doesn't like this one little bit. More is in store as all the losers are spanked in various position at the same time to a cacophony of slapping and hitting noises as the winners gloat and embarrass their victims continually. Then each of the losing girls got 5 hard swats of the wooden paddle from each winner. This humiliating finale for each girl receiving a total of 15 mean whacks of the wooden paddle is the icing on the winner's cake for the Red team! This is an awesome 6 girl film with so much hot spanking action, including tight and sexy authentic volleygirl uniforms that lovers of this genre should not miss out on! Join now!

Daddy Spanks Katie

Katie returned home from Cheer Practice and was told by her mother to go upstairs to father's Study as he wanted to discuss something with her. She had a good idea what that might be if he had found out about her spanking punishment at practice earlier. For your reference, the film of this can be seen, called "Spanked Again" (when her coach punished her outside in the park for trying to hide away and wasting his time). Of course her daddy had been informed and she knew that a spanking at practice meant a spanking at home. He inspected her red, sore bottom and told Katie that she would have to go over his lap for yet another spanking! Katie reluctantly took the position that she was becoming familiar with and getting spanked so soon after was most uncomfortable and embarrassing. She promised that she had learnt her lesson but this was just to avoid the humiliation of a further hand spanking by her disappointed daddy. He first spanked her over her crisp white panties then reminded her that the only way she would truly learn her lesson was with an embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom. She kicked and struggled to take her punishment as a spanking on an already sore bottom was most painful! Afterward, she was told to stand to do wall-time to reflect on the day's events and why she had been punished. Wall-time was always with her panties down, sore bottom on display! Katie promised to be more productive at Cheer Practice in future. Join now!

Sexy Cheerleader Fun

Adriana and Audrey are in a relationship. They have always had the fantasy of playing naughty cheerleaders together so they decide to make it happen. After buying their hot, authentic cheer uniforms, Adriana takes her sexy girlfriend over her lap for a very sexy spanking. Audrey giggles in embarrassment and enjoyment as her girlfriend spanks her, caresses her and grabs her bare bottom intimately. Adriana gives a mainly sensual spanking but every now and then she can't resist smacking her gorgeous girlfriend's amazing booty just that little bit harder. Audrey gasps in shock but soon Adriana is rubbing her bottom better, all the while both girls are getting turned on and they start to make out in those hot uniforms without any panties on. This is a very hot girl/girl sensual and erotic spanking. Join now!

Get Your Head in the Game

Ten Amorette has been called in by Coach Lake for a showdown Disciplinary Meeting. Her head has been elsewhere recently affecting the team's performances; this is all due to her new boyfriend. Coach Lake warned her that she needed to stop hanging out with this guy since he was distracting her too much and she was at risk of losing her scholarship. Ten refuses to listen to Coach Lake's genuine concerns which infuriates him and his patience is at an end! He knows exactly how to deal with this willful brat. Coach gives her a good hard over the knee spanking which has her yelping in no time. However, Ten's attitude is still one of defiance until he brings out the dreaded heavy, leather Reformatory Strap. With her bare bottom fully exposed, this painful licking gets through to Ten who is close to tears. Her poor sore bottom reddens a darker shameful red in protest at the severe strapping she receives. This Disciplinary Meeting ensures that she will get her head back in the game! Join now!

Shamed and Spanked

Assistant Coach, Sarah Gregory, has had it with her star cheerleader, Isobel Wren, who was being such a little bitch to the other squad members. The game was called off and they are all stuck at the hotel so the girls were allowed to hang out at the pool and enjoy their free time until new arrangements could be made. Isobel bitched out the other girls, wore the sluttiest bikini and brought the school's team into disrepute. It was time this beautiful brat learnt some respect and decency. She didn't take Miss Gregory's spanking too seriously at first, which was a huge mistake, as she was to find out! Sarah knew how to break stuck up madams like her and used the easiest option by humiliating and shaming this hussy during punishment! The cheer brat didn't want her panties pulled down... "fine!", Sarah thought, "You'll get them wedgied instead so that bare bottom still gets spanked!" Isobel hated this and the only way it would stop was if she asked her coach "nicely" to have her pull down those panties. The wedgies continued and the humiliation increased until Isobel realized she had to try to behave and ask properly. This was just a ruse as Sarah found out when the stuck up brat refused to apologize and accused her coach of being a pervert for spanking her. This infuriated coach Gregory who decided if Isobel thought she was a pervert then she would spank her like one. She grabbed the brat's ass hard and spread her cheeks many times which embarrassed and shamed the cheerleader asking if she regreted her behavior. Coach even spotted this slut was getting turned on by the humiliating, exposed spanking. Isobel was told that the only way this stopped was if she truly apologized and had to revisit the pool, wearing her skimpy bikini and get into the hot tub. Of course that would hurt even more and such an embarrassing thing to do, she thought... everyone would see her sore freshly spanked bottom. However, the consequences of being kicked out of the best squad in the state and the promise of coach Lake with his wooden paddle and canes finally got her to make a genuine apology about her behavior! Join now!

The Interview

Rachel has made it to the Final Three in the interview process for the new Assistant Coach position. She has been invited to Coach Lake's place, at short notice, for a further personal assessment and explanation of his disciplinary procedures. He explains that corporal punishment style discipline such as hand spankings, strappings and more, can be used, depending on the type and severity of infraction the girls may make. Of course, being that this is Coach Lake, he insists that Rachel takes the various and most popular methods he uses, including a few implements as a test. After all, she will have to deliver this type of punishment to the girls if needed. Rachel takes an OTK spanking, it's a little humiliating and reminds her of when she was a naughty girl at home. he ups the tempo and explains bare bottom spankings can also be administered! For more serious offenses, she discovers what the leather Reformatory Strap feels like as each swat, which he follows through with, really hurt a lot. By now her attention is focused on the heavy thick cane that he is brandishing in front of her. Rachel's bare bottom is already throbbing and reddening from the spanking and strapping as he explains this is the ultimate deterrent for any girl. She feels what it is like to receive hard measured cane strokes from Coach Lake and this certainly grabs her attention! She is pleased that she made it through this practical interview and hopes her resilience will help her get the job she really wants! Join now!

Caught Masturbating

Ally has been a very naughty cheerleader, she has hidden herself away in her hotel room where the team are staying for their trip to The Regionals. She is late for the competition and Coach Evans eventually finds her in her room masturbating. She is half dressed in her cheer uniform, with her fingers buried in her panties! Coach is very upset and takes Ally over her knee to give her a humiliating bare bottom spanking. Also, to ensure she won't forget being such a selfish squad members, Coach promises Ally will receives additional swats with the wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle too! Ally is taught that there is always a time and place for matters such as these and she should remember the importance of being there for the team when they are at Regionals. Join now!

Lazy Linny

Linny had been missing from practice at Cheer Camp, so assistant coach, Alex Reynolds, was sent to find out why. She found Linny in her Dorm Room without a good excuse as to why she was there. Cheerleader Linny was such a brat, diisrespecting Alex even though Miss Reynolds pointed out she was the one with the whistle! Alex didn't waste any time in showing what lazy, badly behaved young ladies would expect in situations such as this. Alex had promised that she would feel the wooden paddle she was holding in her hand before the end of her punishment! The young cheer brat was hand spanked over her tight panties then had them removed in a most humiliating way. When her bare bottom was fully reddened by Alex's hard hands, she started to paddle Linny's exposed bare bottom as she hung on to the side of the bunk bed. Each swat got harder and harder until poor Linny lost count due to the increasing distraction of the painful paddling. Miss Reynolds continued to scold this lazy cheerleader to do better, learning the hard way that laziness would not be tolerated at Camp! Join now!