Chastised for Cheating

It's Game Day at school and Jayda is allowed to wear her cheer uniform. It is a pity that this respect given to the girls is not reciprocated by Jayda as she has been sent to the Principal's Office due to the fact that she has been caught stealing examination papers. This is serious and only the Principal can punish her appropriately... as she is about to find out. He lectures her sternly, taking her across his lap for a deserved hard hand spanking. Not long after her bottom is bared then spanked further as she struggles and squirms uncomfortably. As Jayda had stolen the exam papers, he decides her thieving hands should feel the stinging thick wooden ruler across her outstretched palms. Further humiliation is in store as Principal Rogers decides to give Jayda 10 swats of his wooden paddle, bent over the desk with her bottom presented for punishment. She learns that getting ahead should never be via the easy route or there will always be painful and embarrassing consequences! Join now!

Little Faking Liars Get Spanked

Kiki is habitually in trouble at school and is often punished the old-fashioned way with a spanking. Kiki has cried off Friday afternoon cheer practice before the big game and Coach has sent her to the nurse to determine if she really is unwell! Kiki tells the nurse, Miss Elizabeth, that she has a headache and sore tummy... symptoms of a fever. So the nurse decides to take her temperature... the old-fashioned way, rectally! Kiki is shocked but the nurse knows better, she can spot a faker miles away and knows this young lady has a poor disciplinary record. She places Kiki up on all fours with her bare bottom exposed for the temperature taking. Evidence of previous earlier discipline is evident and the nurse suspects Kiki is either embarrassed or too sore "down there" to attend practice and the game. Her suspicions are confirmed and Kiki is now in further trouble... she will be back at practice and cheering in the game later that evening but not before she receives a further hard hand spanking! Nurse Elizabeth also has a leather strap that stings like heck to remind this naughty cheerleader that little liars that fake their illnesses don't go unpunished. Join now!

Ungodly Cheerleaders Spanked Part Two

Previously, these 2 ungodly "Cheerleaders for Christ" were caught by the Verger eating the Devil's candy instead of practicing and punished by him for their errant ways. The following day, the girls are practicing their "Jesus" chants and cheer routine when Amelia discovers she still has some cigarette candies tucked away... so she offers one to Penelope. Amelia is dismayed when she is scolded and chastised by the newly pious Penelope who promises to tell the Verger that she has not seen the error of her ways unless she can spank the Devil out of her! So a shocked Amelia is taken over the wooden park bench and given a hard bare bottom hand spanking. During this punishment, the Verger wanders by, after hearing the commotion outside on church grounds, and is encouraged by Penelope's newly found piety, offering her a teardrop leather paddle that he "happens" to have on his person to further punish willful Amelia. This is a great outdoor spanking film with 2 hawt Brit babes in sexy tight cheer uniforms with the added religious twist to the punishment! Join now!

Kajira Goes Too Far

Lily and Kajira are fiercely competitive cheerleaders and Lily has been working on her strength and fitness for a particular role that she knows she deserves. So it comes as a shock when Kajira gets the nod ahead of her and she decides to go straight to the source and confront her so-called friend as to how she got it. Kajira admits that she did what it takes to get the highly coveted position by giving her coach a blow job... this really upsets Lily that all her hard, honest work is ruined thanks to some tawdry sexual favor! Lily decides to punish Kajira and she does what she feels is necessary by giving her slutty friend a hard hand spanking. Lily's strength training pays off as she bends Kajira over right there, spanking her over the tight cheer panties before she knows the only effective way to embarrass and humiliate this slut is with a bare bottom spanking. Still bent over without the dignity of her knickers, Lily continues to hand-spank Kajira until her bottom is a painful, shameful red. Lily is disgusted with a pathetic-looking Kajira, as she leaves her there to rub and soothe her poor aching bottom. Join now!

Ungodly Cheerleaders Spanked

Amelia and Penelope are 2 of the worst behaved girls on the squad of "Cheerleaders For Christ"... part of the local catholic church's community program. To prove this point the girls are caught by the Church Verger (responsible for discipline in the squad) playing with, eating, and pretending to smoke candy cigarettes. The disgrace of it! These girls have hoarded plenty of contraband, including "Pop Rocks" which fizzle in the mouth. Cheerleaders For Christ do not partake of such ungodly acts of self-pleasure! Therefore he decides that they must be spanked in front of the other. Amelia is first as she goes over his lap, her tight shorts are soon pulled down and her bottom reddens almost as much as the shirt she is wearing. Penelope's punishment follows and she suffers the same indignity, suffering a sore swollen red bottom too. By now, the Verger humiliates them both by feeding the popping candy into their open mouths which irritates their tongues... having such selfish treats isn't so appealing now! They are left to reflect on their poor behavior... but one might suspect that these 2 ungodly girls will be causing more trouble in the near future! Join now!

Sassy Bratty Reyna Spanked

Coach Lily Swan has a private showdown meeting with Reyna after the latest disastrous practice thanks to this spoiled brat. Reyna has once again proved to be most disruptive and has no qualms making Coach's life difficult trying to keep the girls focussed despite Reyna's behavior. Lily can't just get rid of Reyna, just yet, so she does the next best thing and takes out her frustration on this sassy brat's behind by punishing the brat with a spanking. Reyna can't believe what is happening and at first talks back and sasses the coach further but when her skirt is lifted and the panties come down, the bare bottom hand spanking starts to really grab her attention. Reyna's bottom reddens in shame as the coach's hard hand smacks this sassy, spoiled brat's jiggling booty. There will be plenty more spankings in store for this brat if she wishes to be disruptive in the future! Join now!

Sarah Spanks Andy

Sarah's good friend, Andy, has moved schools... but they have kept in touch over the year as it is only on the other side of town. After all, they have a common interest and passion, being the cheer captains of their respective teams. However, this friendship is being tested as Sarah notices a lot of the routines that Andy has been using are the ones she showed her in the past... and it has really upset her. Sarah suggests Andy take a spanking for the sake of their friendship, she knows she did wrong, so reluctantly agrees but she doesn't know how far Sarah will go with this punishment. To teach her a lesson... Sarah humiliates Andy by spanking her on the bare bottom, over her lap. Poor Andy is mortified and she does as she is told, taking this deserved punishment for plagiarizing Sarah's scared routines. Join now!

Shameless Brat's Deserved Punishment

Lola Anderson has really gone and done it this time! She was the ringleader of the squad chanting obscenities during their routines at the latest football game. Not only was this public, but many of the religious parents heard everything and complained to the school. Lola's place in the squad is now at risk, as well as her family's reputation and Mom scolds the shameless brat for her disgusting behavior. Not only is Lola going to be spanked, but she will also feel the dreaded Mason & Pearson hairbrush followed by a well-deserved mouth soaping for the filth that came out of her red-painted harlot lips! Still in her uniform... Lola is taken across the maternal lap for a good hard hand spanking which, of course, ends up being continued on her bare jiggling bottom. The hairbrush starts to bring some sense to the shameless hussy as she winces from each whack of the stinging implement. The mouth soaping is Lola's first, and her brightly coated red lipstick smears when the soapy suds cleanse her dirty potty mouth. By the time this nasty punishment is over, Lola is one very sorry young madame, knowing her foolish actions have real consequences! Join now!

Kajira Spanked and Paddled

"Casual Friday does not mean casual behavior", principal Rogers lectures Kajira, as she stands before him (yet again) in the school's staff room. It's after school hours and she has served out a lengthy detention but before she is allowed home, Kajira faces further punishment with a spanking and paddling that will remind her how she should behave. Being a cheerleader means she can wear her uniform on Fridays but flirting, being provocative, and disruptive in class is not part of the Friday tradition! He takes her over his lap and spanks her hard with his hand, quickly removing the protection of her tight shorts. Her bare bottom quivers and she kicks her legs, struggling to take the spankings as his hard hand turns her bottom a dark, shameful red. She is shocked to learn that she will also receive 10 swats of the wooden paddle. Kajira is bent over the couch, bottom stuck out and vulnerable, as she receives the blistering swats. Watch her pert buttocks jiggle between each stinging stroke as she is allowed to rub her aching cheeks quickly... simply mesmerizing! Join now!

Riley's Humiliating Punishment

Riley has been the talk of the school with her recent shenanigans. In fact, she has not only shamed the team and school she represents but also her coach, Miss Sarah Gregory. The coach vowed to put this brat in her place... and this is the story of that wicked placement. So what did Riley do? Not wearing her panties during a game might have been a bit of a joke for her, but it made the local news and earned the disgust of many parents who placed their girls in Miss Gregory's trust. Well, if Riley wants to be a brat and a baby girl, then that is exactly how she will be treated. This is a most humiliating age regression spanking punishment, the likes of which "Cheerleader Spankings" has never seen before. Riley is told that she will be treated like a baby, punished, then diapered for her lack of wearing panties. The spanking is carried out over the lap of the coach on Riley's bare quivering bottom before being put into diapers in the special Nursery Room that Miss Gregory has set up for this special discipline. Riley is talked down to like a little baby, she is powdered like a baby with her legs spread, then placed into the cute pink Princess Pink Rearz diapers. Once she is all taped up, the crinkling of the diapers is hugely embarrassing for Riley. She is told that she will have to walk home with them protruding from her short cheer skirt... the shame will be unbearable but that is the lesson that this smirking brat will learn... her disgusting behavior has consequences! Join now!