Cheer Camp Year Three - The Paddlings

In part 2 of the long play film of Cheer Camp 3, all the girls have been spanked OTK in front of each other by visiting coach, Zoe Page. Now it is the turn of resident head coach, Johnny Lake, to introduce each and every girl to the dreaded "Bad Cheerleader" wooden paddle. They all know just how painful this punishment will be. The girls, lined up as before, are called out one by one to present their bare, freshly spanked, sore bottoms as he paddles them hard. This wooden implement is the last thing any young lady would want after receiving a double spanking of hand and hairbrush (from part one). Watch the different reactions of these girls as some can barely take it, reducing them to tears... whilst others grit their teeth in determination to get through this awful and humiliating punishment. Cheer Camp is always the most colorful spanking experience to watch and is very popular, we are sure you will want to see the conclusion to another successful Year 3 at the camp. Join now!

Cheer Camp Year Three - The Spankings

To celebrate our 200th spanking video, we have another very special and colorful feature-length episode from our popular Cheer Camp series. This is the third year, and of course, the absolute worst girls are sent for disciplinary rehabilitation. They are great at cheering, but extremely poorly behaved and disruptive to their squads. Cheer camp is their last hope, along with the threat of losing the scholarships. The girls are met by camp Leader, coach Johnny Lake, who also introduces visiting English coach and new disciplinarian, Zoe Page. She wastes no time in lecturing the six girls and introduces them all to how she gives a good old fashioned, over the knee hand and hairbrush spanking. It is slow, deliberate and mean as each girl watches the other take a humiliating spanking. She spanks the girls over their tight sports panties, then with them pulled down, until the final part. Every girl is made to give the brush and ask Zoe for their final punishment with the Mason and Pearson hairbrush. For some it brings tears, but every girl feels the painful punishment in their own way. This spanking features cheerleaders, Reyna St. Clair, Raven Mackenzie, Kitty Catherine, Cleo Divine, Ava Nyx, and Key Winds. In part two the girls will feel the full force of coach Lake's heavy wooden paddle. Join now!

Ava Spanked and Diapered

Ava needlessly peed in her shorts at cheer practice and made a mess of herself and disgusted her teammates. After being told to clean up, given a replacement pair, and sent home... the coach called Ava's mother to inform her of the embarrassing bad news. This is where the film starts as Ava arrives home to find Mommy waiting for her with a hairbrush in hand with baby powder and a diaper placed next to her! Ava's tummy flips at the sight of this... "Mom knows!" she thinks to herself. Mommy scolds Ava and is tells her how disgusted she is at her daughter's juvenile behavior. She will be diapered like a baby, but first, she is going to be spanked... and spanked hard! Ava's tight black shorts offer little protection from mother's hard hand and soon her bottom is bared revealing a reddening pair of glowing, shameful cheeks. Poor Ava squirms with embarrassment, looking at the diaper, knowing what is to come. However, the dreaded stinging Mason & Pearson hairbrush is painfully used across her sore quivering cheeks which focuses her senses. As her bottom throbs from the spanking, it is now time to lay back on the bench as she is about to be diapered for the first time in many years. As this takes place, the scoldings continue as mommy treats her like a baby taping up the oversized underwear. The diaper is crinkly and obvious, how will she be able to wear this to practice? Her humiliation is complete! Watch Ava getting spanked and diapered by mommy in this cheerleader discipline film with a difference! Join now!

Punished for Public Indecency

Apricot has been told to go right to coach Osborne's staff quarters after she has once again flaunted herself at practice in the most inappropriate way by refusing to wear any panties. She is proud of her hairy bush and enjoys the feel of the air wafting under her short skirt... but in a public setting, this is just indecent, and she knows very well that this is the case! This rude cheer girl has already been spanked for this lewd behavior and Coach Osborne is furious that this exhibitionist is not learning her lesson. After seeing how she is undressed "down there" the coach takes her over his knee for a further spanking. he informs her that she will also receive a bare bottom leathering from his trusty paddle which is designed to sting and force the message home to truculent madams that refuse to behave accordingly. See fresh-faced, super adorable Apricot Pitts, with a genuinely disarming girl-next-door look... who made her first film for us at Cheerleader Spankings in this delightfully cute uniform (minus her panties, of course). Join now!

Melanie Learns Her Lesson

Melanie has snuck away from cheer practice to play on her phone and take selfies. When her Coach, Soria, eventually finds the missing madam, she is far from pleased as Melanie has not learned the latest routines at all. On top of that, her appearance is sloppy, her attitude to remaining in the cheer squad is shoddy... something needs to be done! Soria takes the sullen one over her knee for a good old fashioned spanking. The spankings and scoldings continue until Coach believes Melanie has learned her lesson. However, Soria is far from impressed with Melanie and takes her over her knee for a further humiliating, hard hand spanking with a leg lock... she then places her over the bench, bottom fully stuck out, for yet more stern discipline. As her bottom reddens shamefully, only then does Melanie appear to learn her lesson before she is allowed back to train and practice with the squad. Join now!

Sassy Brat Learns Her Lesson

Anna is a freshman cheer girl and she has been mean to all the senior girls in the squad. Not a great way to make a first impression and certainly not when one of the girls she has been hugely disrespectful to be the Coach's girlfriend, Zoey. She is incredibly sassy and doesn't take the threats from her coach seriously until the scholarship is mentioned. He gives her an ultimatum, she will get spanked or she loses the scholarship. Coach Lake is on a mission to ensure his girlfriend and the other seniors are respected, as Anna will soon find out. She reluctantly takes the spanking option, then complains as she is being spanked so he quickly pulls down her panties to teach this brat a lesson of who is in charge. Her bare cheeks are spanked harder, showing the telltale signs of a sore, red bottom. However, her punishment is far from over as she has never been strapped before. So he informs her that she is to receive 10 mean strikes of his leather Reformatory Strap. This has her gasping and reeling in shock from the painful consequences of her rude, disrespectful behavior. Anna is one very sorry looking, disheveled cheer girl by the time Coach has finished with this sassy student! Join now!

Thieving Lily's Liquor Lickin'

Lily has been stealing strong liquor from mom's cabinet and taking the booze to cheer practice to impress her peers. Lily loves being popular but everything changes when her mother's suspicions are confirmed as she catches her girl red-handed, pinching another bottle. Lily has nothing much to say since she is caught in the act so mom lets her know what happens to thieves in this house. If she wants to impress her friends, she can impress them by showing off her soon to be very sore red bottom. She places her daughter, still dressed in her cheer outfit, over the table and spanks her hard whilst scolding her naughty girl. Those tight white shorts are pulled down and Lily's beautiful toned butt cheeks are given a further licking from mom's mean hands. Worse is to come as Mom spies a hairbrush on the table and gets Lily to ask her to give her a hairbrush spanking. Oh, the shame and humiliation! The brush really stings and poor Lily finally learns her lesson as her bottom turns an angry red and her very real yelps of pain fills the room! Do not miss this hot mommy/daughter combination of super fit and sexy, Lily Swan getting a spanking from Madame Samantha B Join now!

Coach's Comeuppance

The new cheer coach, Amber Dawn, has had an amazing impact on the latest routines of her squad with several new cheers that have gained much attention. However, the head cheer girl, Luna Lain, has discovered that her new coach is a lazy cheater who is jeopardizing her squad in competitions. Luna has discovered that the routines have been stolen from rival squads so she decides to go confront the coach at her home on behalf of her squad. Amber is dismissive of the accusations at first, but it becomes obvious that everything is true and Luna informs her lazy coach that the girls want her punished, or they will confess that this was not of their doing... they don't want to be disqualified. The coach reluctantly takes her place over Luna's lap for a hand spanking. Her magnificent bubble butt is bared and exposed as her booty is spanked red by the head cheer girl. It is a sight to see as the coach gets her comeuppance with the embarrassing finale of the dreaded "Bad Cheerleader" wooden paddle that she so loves using on her girls, being used on her bare, sore behind! This will teach the new coach to respect the other girls and to ensure they learn original routines. Join now!

Thieving Macy Spanked by Mom

Macy has been caught stealing opposition cheers and trying to incorporate them into her squad's new routines. Her Coach finds out before too much damage is done, but they are staying at a local hotel as part of a competition and she is benched. Her mother (played by Christina Carter) has been told to come to pick her up and take her home as she is in disgrace. This is where we pick up with the film as Mom confronts a disrespectful and confrontational Macy who is upset that she has to be escorted home in shame. Mother is embarrassed and tells her daughter that she is getting a spanking before they travel home. Still, in her cute cheer uniform, Macy is taken over mommy's lap as she is scolded and spanked over her tight shorts and, of course, her bare bottom. Her reddening bottom takes further punishment as mommy's strong hand uses a hairbrush she finds on the bedside table. Macy cries out in very real pain, struggling to take her punishment as that mean stinging hairbrush reddens her tight, pert buns. the car ride home will be very uncomfortable for Macy who learns the hard way that dishonesty does not pay. Join now!

Neighbor's Revenge

Andy gets home from cheer practice and has been told by her mother to go see her neighbor about the recent "incident" she caused in his back yard. This is where the film starts as see her knocking on his door as he welcomes her in. She is asked why she rudely practiced an obscene chant in his yard and then mooned her bare bottom to him and his esteemed guest, the good Lady Fortesque, who he was trying to impress. Andy certainly left an impression alright, and she is told that her mother (who was unable to discipline her properly) has given him permission to do so with a spanking. He wastes no time after scolding her, giving her a hard bare bottom hand spanking which really grabs her attention. As her bottom turns a shameful red, he makes her shuffle over to the corner to reflect on her punishment as he calls her mother to tell her the corrective discipline has been carried out. Join now!