Troubling Times for Amy

During these troubling times, Amy has created a whole bunch of unnecessary new troubles with her bad attitude and refusal to mix with the other girls on her cheer squad as she thinks they are not good enough. Coach has had to punish and scold her on many occasions but now mom has had enough with the continual complaints forwarded to her! Amy has no remorse but she is told that she has one last chance, no matter how good she thinks she is, or she will get kicked off the squad. She is told that she is not too old to go over mom's lap, and this is what happens... getting her first spanking from mom in quite some time. Amy kicks and complains as mom's hard hand connects with her upturned bottom. A spanking at home is carried out on the bare bottom, as Amy remembers all too well The spankings continue until Amy's bottom is a shameful red. Her continuing backchat and attitude issues mean that she isn't learning her lesson so mom brings out the heavy wooden hairbrush! Now she is in trouble... the hairbrush creates large dark welts on Amy's aching backside as mom continues to spank her with this nasty implement until she is satisfied that her girl understands the severity of the situation. Finally, she learns to check that attitude and show some empathy toward her fellow cheer girls, after all... there is no "i" in "team". Join now!

House Rules

Lola returns home early from cheer practice and hopes no-one at home notices why. However, somebody knows due to the fact an email has been sent from her coach explaining why she left early. That person is her daddy and he wants Lola to explain in her own words what happened. She reluctantly admits that she had been bullying one of the girls, and the coach spanked her and sent her home. Lola is well aware of the House Rules: "A spanking at school means a spanking at home"... even if it was at cheer practice. Her heart sinks as she knows what is coming and in desperation becomes insolent and sassy... wrong move! Daddy pulls her over his lap and she receives her second spanking of the day. However, at home, a spanking is carried out on the bare bottom, as she remembers all too well. Poor Lola is humiliated as her bared cheeks are reddened with his mean hand but for her talking back and earlier sass she is told to fetch the hairbrush to finish off her punishment. This has Lola squirming in pain as her swollen red cheeks feel the hard nasty stinging strokes of the brush which really teaches her a lesson. She is sent to her room and is one grounded, sorry young lady. Join now!

Spanked for Lying to Mom

Ten has lied to her mommy about where she had been that day. She should have been at the cheerleader "Bake Sale" raising money for the squad but instead, she went to an all-day rave dressed in her cheer uniform! Ten's lying only makes the situation worse as Coach Lake had called to wonder where she had been. This has infuriated her mother, who lectures her sternly, as Ten looks on amused and smirking. Mom knows exactly how to wipe that silly expression off Ten's face and takes her over her lap for a hard hand spanking. The tight cheer panties are pulled down so mom's hard hand can really go to work on this insolent liar's bouncing behind. Not convinced that her daughter has learned this lesson, she has her go fetch the hairbrush and goes to work on her bare behind with the strength and fury of three men. By the time she has finished with her, Ten's bottom is red and sore and she is told that her allowance will be going toward the bake sale proceeds. She is one sorry grounded girl who learns that mom always has the final word... no baked buns mean a sore baked bum! Join now!

Lola The Brat

Lola is sent to the Headmaster's Office for a punishment review after her latest incident on the practice field where it appears she wasn't wearing any underwear below her short cheer skirt! Headmaster is reviewing her poor disciplinary record as she arrives and it is clear this is a brat who refuses to learn her lesson. She hates authority and likes to cause trouble, using her sassy nature and athletic prowess as part of her "charm". She talks back to him but the headmaster is having none of this and threatens her with expulsion and loss of her coveted scholarship. Now he has her attention, he takes her across his lap for a much-needed spanking across her already bare and exposed bottom. She foolishly answers back and it is obvious further punishment is required... with the school's heavy leather reformatory star. He doesn't hold back, as she is bent over the desk, bottom out as he reigns swat after swat across her inviting bubble butt! In the end, he gives her a replacement pair of panties as she is told to wear them, facing the wall in reflection time with her hands on her head... how humiliating! At least Lola has kept her scholarship place at school... for now! Join now!

Cheer Conference Blues

Adriana and Stevie were good friends going back years before they went to different schools and are now competing in different cheerleading squads. They've been enjoying each other's company and catching up at the grand Cheerleaders' Conference at an out of state event. However, their friendship is tested when one of the organizers, Madame Samantha B, hears of some girls smoking "waccy-baccy" on hotel grounds. This is serious stuff as she could lose the right to host such an event and is understandably angry. She tracks down the culprits and meets them both in Stevie's hotel room to discuss this further. Unfortunately for Adriana, she was the real culprit but could not take any more demerits, so Stevie reluctantly agreed beforehand to lie and say she was the one who should be punished harshly. Samantha is going to punish both girls but she reserves her ire for Stevie, and really spanks and gives her a long blistering paddling hard across her bare bottom, which Stevie is upset about. Adriana takes her spanking but only receives 10 swats of the wooden paddle. Both girls are scolded further and the organizer leaves... but it isn't over for Adriana... not by a long shot! Stevie is upset that she had to cover for her so-called friend and decides to spank her some more across to make up for what Samantha didn't give her. Also, Stevie tells Adriana to go fetch her hairbrush from the bathroom as she really gives it to her cheating friend! Adriana is wailing and promising never to get them both into such a situation again... she will do well to remember not to cross Stevie in the future! Join now!

Spanked for Fighting

The Swan sisters have been competitive since they can both remember. Both girls are the best athletes in their years at school, the best in every sporting event and they have never had to compete against each other until they represent the school cheer squad. They are supposed to be in a team but they end up fighting even though they are by far the fittest girls in the squad, the coach puts up with their antics. Not the same can be said when mom decides "enough is enough" when they continue to bicker at home and eventually they are told they will both get punished. The eldest, Lily, is first to go over her mom's lap as her toned, round cheeks are given a hard hand spanking both over and without the dignity of her tight shorts. You can imagine how embarrassing this is for her to know the younger sis is watching her bottom getting spanked like that. Worse is to come with the wooden hairbrush that is used on Lily's already sore bottom. She cries out in pain and younger sis, Madison, knows she is next. She takes the same humiliating punishment, crying out in pain just like her eldest sis and they both realize there are no winners in this competition as both girls make up feeling very sorry for themselves. Join now!

Cleo's No Nonsense Spanking

Cleo is desperate for some advice as her new role as captain of the cheer squad has been a disaster! The girls aren't listening to her, showing little respect, and the squad's routines are lackluster at best! She approaches her old mentor, Tiana, a once successful cheerleader who is now an upcoming coach in Competition and she knows exactly what needs to happen. She takes Cleo over her lap for a spanking that will focus her showing leadership of the squad with discipline by receiving it herself. She knows that Cleo has been afraid to discipline and spank the girls which have been the problem. Tiana has a very hard hand and this shows with Cleo's reactions as her tight shorts are pulled down as her bouncing booty is given a thorough workout! More is to come as she has been punished in the past experiencing more than just a hard hand spanking. Tiana knows that implements such as a dreaded leather paddle sting and really grab the attention of a badly behaved girl and she applies this to Cleo's bare behind. The poor cheerleader wriggles and struggles to take this over the knee leathering but it gets the message across. Now she knows what needs to be done to those girls that don't show her the respect her position deserves! However, after this spanking, poor Cleo has more pressing issues as she rubs her sore aching bottom! Join now!

Red's Attitude Adjustment

Red is on an exchange program from England and has fallen foul of head coach, Sarah Gregory, who is fed up with hearing reports of the English girl's poor attitude. She berates the young madame for not being able to integrate as well as she had hoped and this is serious for morale in such a successful cheer squad. The coach informs Red how they deal with things in this squad, and that is to spank that attitude right out of her. Red is feisty and struggles at first as Sarah belittles her poor choice of underwear, a non-regulation flimsy thong, that she wedgies her with for good measure. The offending garment is removed and the cheerleader is given a spanking that starts to color her bottom matching her name. The spankings over coach's lap are designed to teach this English girl a lesson in humility and it has the desired effect. Her poor bottom endures many hard swats of Miss Gregory's hand as you can witness her cheeks flatten under the smacks! Finally, Red is left to kneel on the bench, her bare, sore bottom exposed and bared while coach Gregory wanders off to find the other girls to show them what happens to those with a bad attitude. How embarrassing! Join now!

Spanked Spoiled Brat

Opal's Momma is waiting for her when she arrives home from practice. Only Opal hasn't been attending practice and Momma wants to know exactly where she has been after she received a call from the school's cheerleading coach that she has not been attending recently! She admits that she has been seeing a boy on the football team using her time at practice to be with him instead. This deception does not go down well with Momma at all. She reminds the spoilt little brat that she is the first to complain if she doesn't get what she wants. This latest behavior has cost the family more lost money in fees for something this precious brat has lost interest in. Opal is taken over Momma's lap for a hard hand spanking and a withering scolding that really shames this deceptive, selfish brat further. The hand spankings continue over her panties and bare reddening bottom. Her punishment is far from over as she is asked to hand over the heavy hairbrush, which she dreads, so it can be used on her bare behind. The wooden implement hits its mark again and again as Opal wriggles and struggles in pain until she realizes her spoilt brat routine will not be tolerated in the future! Join now!

Sassy Slacker Spanked and Slippered

Lucy Lauren has been a troublemaker of the school's cheer squad for some time. She has not been punctual or performing the routines as well as the other girls. Today, she turned up to practice without her correct footwear. In fact, she had to remove them earlier as they were so filthy. The Head Coach (Zoe Page) has had enough of this upstart's sassy behavior and knows exactly how to deal with such impudence. Miss Page informs the slacker she needs to "shape up or ship out" and is infuriated when Lucy takes the scoldings with yet more chat-back! Coach has no choice but to deal with this further in her own unique way. The lazy miscreant will go through several warm-up and exercise cheer positions which she should know off by heart. However, she is confused and embarrassed due to the fact that "Miss" is spanking her at the same time. Lucy is shocked... Miss really is spanking her! It's all too much for the cheerleader as she is placed in all manner of revealing positions without the protection of her white cotton panties. Her bare quivering bottom is being smacked with Coach's hard hand which is followed up by a mean slippering from the right-footed sneaker of Mistress Zoe. Lucy learns her lesson and will remember to avoid such humiliation, in the future, if she wants to remain in the squad as well as keeping her scholarship! Join now!