Kiki's Severe Caning

Kiki Cali has really gone and done it this time! Coach Lake has been looking for her and finds her in the hotel room naked except for her cheer socks, taking selfies of herself. She is late for cheer practice and now he sees why. Coach gives Kiki one last chance to get dressed and join the other girls but she ignores him... big mistake. He returns with a thick biting Dragon Cane, informing her this has been a long time coming. Kiki is placed on all fours, still undressed, and she is given some of the hardest, meanest strokes of the cane that we have ever filmed! She takes a Baker's Dozen in that position, her quivering bottom, vulnerable and exposed before she receives a further twenty lying on the bed as each stroke is delivered without mercy. Lots of angles, closes ups and facial reactions catch every moment of this severe punishment only a few girls like Kiki could ever endure! You won't believe how this beautiful waif takes a full force caning from Coach Johnny Lake. Join now!

Opal Spanked by Coach

Opal is new cheerleader with attitude that the other girls in the squad are finding hard to work with. Her latest infraction is too much for Coach Osborne to ignore as Opal turned up to practice with dyed blue hair! It is specifically against the rules of the cheer squad and also clashes with the team colors... what was she thinking? It has caused unrest with the other girls and Opal has much to learn if she is to remain in this elite squad. Coach scolds and shames her, reminding her she is off the squad permanently if she does not change her hair color after he carries out this punishment. She not only gets a spanking over his lap, with and without the protection of her panties, which embarrassed her greatly, but there is also a surprise in store. Opal is the first cheerleader to take the new dreaded "Bad Cheerleader" leather strap which is still stiff and not broken in, meraning it hurts like hell! This teaches her a lesson, and she knows what she has to do to keep her place in the squad and more importantly... her scholarship. Join now!

Mackenzie Spanked by Mommy

Mackenzie has been sent home early from cheer practice in disgrace. Her mother has been informed and is waiting for her when she arrives home. The reason is all too obvious when her so called regulation sports socks are looked at more closely, as they contain foul expletives written on them! Her mother is appalled at Mackenzie's practical joke, which has backfired massively. She is placed over mom's lap and told that not only will she get a spanking, but that she is also going to get the hairbrush used on her bare bottom afterward. The spanking is humiliating and painful, mom's hard hands turn her daughter's cheeks a shameful red. Worse is to follow for the brutal hairbrush spanking that mommy carries out, bringing tears to Mackenzie's eyes as she sobs and promises not to do this ever again! This is a powerful mommy/daughter spanking film that we know you will enjoy in this specific "punished in uniform" niche. Join now!

Lazy and Spanked

Coach Gregory tracks down missing cheergirl, Kim, who she catches snoozing in her hotel room when she should be practising with the rest of the squad. The school has generously provided them with staying at a decent hotel while they are away competing in the regional championships. Kim's lazy attitude gets her into so much trouble when she continues to answer back and disrespect the coach. So the new cheergirl, Kim, finds out how Coach deals with such poor beavior. She is placed over Miss Gregory's lap and spanked, scolded and reminded that her parents will be informed and her scholarship revoked if this crappy attitude persists. The spanking gets harder and is, of course, on the bare bottom. Kim is embarrassed and worse is to come as a new stiff OTK leather strap is used for the very first time. Kim is on a final warning and told to get her stuff together and join the other girls downstairs. Practice today will be hard with a sore, smarting bottom! Join now!

Spanked for Flirting

Ava has a huge crush on the new coach, handsome Ethan Ardent, and has been flirting with him at any given opportunity. She is waiting in his office after she was called to see him after practice and she thinks it is because he has feelings for her too. However, it is not as Ava hoped for, as her advances on him were spurned as he attempts to let this exciteable cheerleader know that nothing could ever happen between them. It would be most innapropriate with him being in charge of her! To reinforce this, he places her against the wall and starts to spank her, this is not what she thought would happen between them. Ava is shocked and upset that a cute little thing like her can't get what she wants. This brat is in for a further shock as her tight cheer panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is spanked hard. Coach's strong hands hit the mark and teach Ava an important lesson, as her pert cheeks become red, swollen and sore from this short sharp shock punishment. If Ava wants to remain in the squad, she will respect his authority to run a well trained, focussed cheerleading squad without hindrance and know her place in what he hopes will be a winning team. Join now!

Kate's Audition

Bubbly new cheer recruit, Kate Kennedy, is asked to visit Coach Gregory's home for a final assessment before the paperwork is signed off. Being a member of the most successful cheerleader squad in the state is quite a deal, as she is about to find out! Miss Gregory is pleased with Kate's progress and there is one final thing she needs to discuss to ensure Kate knows all the rules. The matter of discipline is taken seriously, and the girls are all aware of the consequences, which is why this squad is so successful! Kate needs to understand what would happen if she let herself or the other girls down (with drunken or other poor behavior). She is told a spanking is the usual method and she needs to experience it for herself. She is taken aback but wants to succeed and goes over Coach Gregory's lap. You can see her bottom redden quite quickly once the spanking begins, it seems she isn't used to being spanked! Kate is surprised when she is told that spankings in this squad are done over the bare bottom, she is embarrassed but had heard of this method and really wants to be in this squad! So her tight sports panties are pulled down revealing a pair of beautiful bouncing cheeks which glow as the hand spankings get harder. This audition ends with both parties satisfied that they are able to proceed, all in all, we think Sarah Gregory just wanted to spank Kate's glorious, pert bottom... and who can blame her? Kate Kennedy is a stunning addition to the growing cast at our website! Join now!

Conflict Causes Punishment

Friendship is tested after a cheer competition and Nuna is bragging to Mackenzie about winning the trophy. It's her first win and she is so excited and proud that she doesn't realize how disrespectful she is, especially being over at Mackenzie's place. The girls argue loudly and Mackenzie fights back and is very cruel to her friend. With all this commotion, Mackenzie's dad comes upstairs to find out what all the fuss is about. He is remarkably calm and tries to see the story from both sides but ultimately, he is disappointed that the girls had been so rude to each other in his home, especially since he has company downstairs. He reminds them both about how Discipline is carried out under his roof. His daughter is first to go over his lap as he starts to spank her, reminding her friend to watch as that is what will happen to her shortly. Both girls are spanked with their panties pulled down, like the naughty brats they were. He is still remarkably calm but isn't happy that the girls appear to not be learning their lesson. There's a bathbrush next to the bed and this gives him an idea. They are told to lay over the bed, their bottoms still bared, as this most stinging of wooden brushes swats their bottoms further. The girls snivel and feel so ashamed that they are being punished like this. That bathbrush really hurts! He returns downstairs, the girls are left with their sore bare bottoms throbbing from that nasty bathbrush. Join now!

Spanking Sisters Part Two

In this second part of the competitive sister saga, their mother arrives home early and finds Lola still disciplining Chrissy Marie. Mother is shocked that her two daughters, still in their cheer uniforms, were behaving like this. She reminds them both who is the disciplinarian in their house... and of course it is their Mom! She doesn't want to listen to why Lola was spanking her younger sister, but she is interested in Lola getting over her lap for the same type of treatment that she had just witnessed. Chrissy is told to watch and Lola's level of sass soon reveals itself as she argues with her mother whilst her bottom is getting spanked harder and harder. Only a bare bottom, panties down spanking shuts her up and Lola's bottom is soon smarting and red. Chrissy's smirks do not go unnoticed, and Mom tells her to take the place of her sister as she gets spanked once again. Chrissy's look of disbelief and upset doesn't hold much sway with her mom as she doesn't hold back with her girls. By the time Mom has finished, both sisters are two sorry girls with very sore red bottoms. They are sent to their rooms, grounded, so they can not argue with each other anymore that evening. The sisters do not need reminding that if they continue to misbehave then their mother will not hesitate to discipline them both some more! Join now!

Spanking Sisters Part One

Lola and Chrissy are hugely competitive sisters who are constantly fighting or scolding each other when their paths cross. When Lola finds out that her younger sibling has joined the cheer squad (that she is captain of), she discovers that Chrissy is trying to take her spot. Witness their latest confrontation, which gets rather feisty. Chrissy's demeanor is bordering on arrogant which infuriates her hard working sister, Lola, who drags her across her lap and starts to spank the younger sister. Chrissy takes her spanking as she knows that poor Lola is scared that she will take her spot, but she didn't expect Lola to pull down her panties and spank her bare, reddening bottom. This gets her attention as a spanking on the bare bottom is not only more embarrassing, it is far more painful and humiliating. Lola is satisfied her argumentative sister has learnt her lesson... but for how long? This video features two hot models, Chrissy Marie and Lola Anderson in their matching, authentic cheergirl uniforms that makes watching this spanking film a real visual treat! Join now!

Uniform Infringement

Rosie Ann is back and it seems she never learns her lesson and only remains in the squad after receiving various punishments as she is by far the best cheerleader in the squad. However, when she turns up for competition in a spare uniform without the team logo, this really is the last straw. Her excuses are predictable and poor and Coach is having none of it. He spanks her as he has done previously, even spanking her hard on her bare, jiggling bottom. That certainly grabs her attention as his hand is mean and unpleasant, smacking her hard. As we said earlier, she never learns... and her attitude gets her into further trouble as this time Coach decides to use a wooden paddle and cane with her bent over a chair, her bottom and private parts on full, humiliating display. She isn't so cocky now and takes several swats and strokes of these implements which finally teach her a humbling lesson that being a team player is more important and she promises to do better in future. Join now!