Spanked For Streaking

Lily has returned home with her mother after what was supposed to be a celebration as her school cheer squad had won The Regionals. Instead, she has returned home in total shame! Lily got so carried away with victory that her wild celebrations went too far as she stripped off, flaunting herself, first topless then with her skirt removed! Mother was shocked and embarrassed that Lily had shown such disrespect to her, the family... and above all to Lily herself. She had watched the boys and even some fathers leering at her toned daughter's bared body! Mommy scolds her daughter about that appalling lack of disrespect and reminds her what happens when she misbehaves. So Lily takes an old fashioned spanking over mommy's lap, and it isn't long before Lily feels ashamed. She is reminded that this time, a bare bottom spanking will only do, since she was so eager to strip off with her lewd streaking show earlier! Now the daughter starts to realize the error of her ways as the hand spankings gets meaner until mommy shows her the hairbrush. She makes her daughter to ask her to use the hairbrush on her bare bottom... how humiliating is that? Poor Lily cries out in pain, feeling embarrassed and the pain of the "thwack" of the nasty, relentless hairbrush spanking. Lily learns a valuable lesson in humility and decorum as she is reminded that no daughter of hers will shame her like this - ever again! Join now!

Sorry Sore Spanked Cheerleader

Please welcome another gorgeous new girl, Madison Swan, who makes her debut in this cute, authentic cheerleader uniform. It is this uniform and what she intends to do with it (to make a lot of extra cash) which is going to get her into a whole load of trouble. She has taken a few days off travelling to a large fetish and camgirl convention where fans, models, fetish providers and producers all meet. It appears that Madison has advertised her services using her own school's unique and very cute cheerleader uniform to satisfy those who enjoy this particular kink! She's been so busy that the Coach of The Knights School cheerleading squad has heard about this and has had to attend the event to locate Madison in her hotel room. He confronts the cheerleader and informs her that this stops right away, all monies to be confiscated and used to help the charities and the cheer squad... but not before she gets a damned good spanking to teach her a lesson. She is spanked right there, in her cute uniform and Coach has not had to dish out discipline like over his lap this for several months. He is so disppointed with Madison that he doesn't hold back with the hand spanking and scolding to remind her what a poor role model she has become to the school's cheerleading squad. Madison's tight bare bottom exposed with her sports panties pulled down and her toned, round cheeks are spanked harder and harder until she can't take any more. She is genuinely sorry and her motives were just to better herself with tuition fees and such at school. Coach is understanding of her plight but this type of behavior in that uniform brings the team and school into disrepute and now Madison realizes this. She is contrite and agrees to pack up and accompany Coach back to their hometown. This is one very sorry, sore cheerleader who has learned a valuable lesson. Join now!

Spanked and Paddled Brat

Kiki is called into Coach Stevie's office for another meeting about her latest poor behavior. This cheerleader has such attitude that Stevie would remove her from the squad if she wasn't so good. She is such a brat that she is annoyed for being called into the office for wearing piercings during practice! She has a blatant disregard for her team mates, what if the belly piercing was to catch one of the girls eyes? Such thoughtlessness! Stevie has no time for any of Kiki's sass so instructs her to get over her lap for a mean hand spanking. She also reminds the brat that she would get a paddling after the spanking, something for her to think about because she needs to learn a lesson. The tight cheer panties are dragged down and the pert, exposed bottom is spanked further. Coach spreads her legs to humiliate the spoilt little brat even more, still spanking her "sassy majesty" until she doesn't answer back. The "Bad Cheerleader" wooden paddle is then used with ten hard swats delivered across her already sore bottom. Now Kiki is learning that if she continues to cause problems... the wooden paddle will always be used without hesitation in the future. That should make this brat think twice about her selfish behavior in the future! Join now!

Thieving Troublemakers Punished

When the Cheer Coach sends his girls to The School Principal, it is for serious offenses that can shatter team morale. Ava and Lily are two well known divas in the squad... but this time they have gone too far! Turning up late to practice and without their uniforms they take 2 spares belonging to fellow team member, Rebecca. She was upset that they broke into her locker. This is why The Principal is now scolding them both for their disrespect of property and the good of the team. Their attitude stinks, claiming it was just a practice, but morale is low and a competition is near... the girls need to be taught a lesson. Ava is first, taken over the lap of Principal Rogers as his hard hand smacks her tight bottom, making her squirm and kick her legs. This wasn't the exercise she needed! Worse is to come as her orange sports panties are pulled down, revealing a darkening red sore bottom as he continues to spank Ava on the bare, in front of Lily who is made to watch. It is Lily's turn next, the anticipation of what was to come must have made things worse as the poor girl howls and complains throughout her entire, enbarrassing spanking. Their punishment is far from over as the Reformatory Strap had been on his table, waiting for the girls. They are are bent over, in turn, to receive the full force of this thick, nasty leather correctional implement! By the end of their punishment, both girls are left to nurse very sore bottoms. The Prinicpal tells them they will go and apologize to Rebecca, handing back the uniforms they took without permission... showing what happens to those that break the rules. Morale will be restored at all costs! Join now!

Coach Learns A Lesson

Sarah and the other cheerleaders in her squad have been getting spanked on a regular basis by the new coach, Clare Fonda. It's almost like this crazy coach is out of control! Sarah tells her Mom... her mother is far from impressed and informs her daughter that she will address this issue. She even said that she would invite her to watch after Sarah recalled how their coach liked to have other girls watch whoever it was, Sarah included, getting punished and spanked on their bare bottoms! Coach Fonda arrives later and is told about the accusations which she doesn't deny... in fact she is proud she does this on a regular basis even though the girls are all fed up with it. Sarah is invited to sit alongside them as Mother continues to question Clare's dubious practices and she thinks this coach is a little too slutty in her attire and attitude to be in charge of impressionable young ladies. So Mom tells Clare that what she did to her daughter, she will do to her... and there is a hairbrush waiting for her bare bottom too! With the threat of further investigation, Clare reluctantly takes the same position OTK, just as she had placed her girls. Clare's tight shorts are pulled down... and she's not wearing panties! What a slut! Even while being spanked, it is obvious that this member of teaching staff is a cougar... proud of the fact that she looks for younger men to satisfy her. This only makes Sarah's mother spank her harder, until she allows her to offer the brush to Clare and make her "ask" for a spanking with it, like the way she made all her girls do with the wooden paddle at school! It is humiliating for Clare, and this is a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking that has the cheer coach squirming so much that Mom leg locks her to keep this wrigglesome cougar in her place! This is an awesome spanking with lots of hard hitting action and some amazing banter between Clare and Miss Bernadette (playing Sarah's mommy). Fans of Clare and good hard honest all female spankings will love this special film! Join now!

Thieving Maddy

Maddy has been called in for a disciplinary meeting with Coach Lake. He is far from happy that he has to confront one of the best girls in the squad after he reviewed evidence of her stealing from fellow team mates in the locker rooms. She doesn't seem to care or understand how this could affect team morale. Her argument was that it was just cheap make up. She displays zero empathy which Coach finds annoying in the least! The other girls were upset that one of their own would go through their belongings! Maddy knows how Coach deals with discipline and she has two choices... he has been asked to have her thrown off the squad or she can be punished... and punished properly so that she understands. She reluctantly accepts the second option and takes her position over his lap as he starts to scold and spank her over her tight practice pants. Of course the spankings are always carried out on the bare bottom by Coach Lake, as he knows just how embarrassing the girls feel. Maddy is also far more contrite now as her bare bottom is thoroughly warmed... she knows that there is a 12 stroke caning promised next! The caning is hard and mean, designed to teach this young madam that theft has consequences. All the girls will know that she has been suitably punished, and Maddy knows she will have to earn their trust again in the future. Join now!

Andy Spanked and Paddled

Coach Gregory asks the new cheerleader, Andy Moon, to an urgent meeting. The reason? She discovers, yet again, that she is unable to park her car in her reserved spot because Andy's car is there instead. She had been warned about this before but was too lazy to find her own parking spot. This sort of attitude is exactly what Miss Gregory can not abide, if Andy will not listen about a simple parking spot, then there is the fact that she might not listen to the coaching staff when it comes to practice routines. Andy is about to learn, with the help of Miss Gregory's wooden paddle, that there are consequences in her cheer squad for poor behavior! Andy is told she will be spanked and then given 10 hard swats of the wooden paddle. This is Andy's first spanking punishment in her cute cheerleader uniform and she is embarrassed that she receives a bare bottom, panties down hand spanking over her coach's lap. As promised, the paddling is carried out with the added humiliation of her being told to ask and thank her coach for every hard stroke she receives. Please welcome the latest naughty cheerleader to get punished for your viewing pleasure, she is sure to be a big hit! Join now!

Payback Spanking

Ava and Raven have been long term friends even though they are in rival cheerleading teams. Raven is very competitive and ignored her friendship with Ava by getting her into trouble and punished, leaving her out of her team. She knew Ava was the best girl on that team and Ava found out that it was Raven who had put cheerleading above their friendship. So she invited Raven to her place on the pretence that they should talk out their differences. However, it is not long before Ava gets angry, showing off her punishment marks and the fact she can not perform in the team for a week... so she grabs Raven and takes her over her lap, scolding and spanking her former friend. Raven is too shocked to fight back and receives more hand spankings as her tight cheer panties are pulled down. Again, Raven is still in shock, unable to effectively fight back as Ava uses a wooden hairbrush on Raven's dore behind. After the hairbrush spanking, she is humiliated and told to leave once Ava believes that she has had enough payback. Join now!

Cara Learns A Painful Lesson

Coach Lake takes Cara home from school after her latest poor attitude in practice - he has had enough and confronts Cara's mother. Her mom is mortified that she is playing up again as the Coach tells about how Cara has been using crude dating apps and drinking alcohol which is affecting team morale and a poor role model to the other girls. So Cara's mother wastes no time in showing Coach just how she deals with inappropriate behavior as she takes her daughter for an over the lap spanking, right there and then! Cara is embarrassed that her coach is asked to watch and it isn't long before her cute sports panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is being spanked harder and harder whilst mommy scolds and shames her. If that was emabrrassing enough... the heavy, nasty hairbrush spanking that follows takes her attention away from any shame at having her full round bottom bared to her male coach's gaze. Mother isn't finished though... to ensure that Cara fully learns this lesson, she invites Coach Lake to do exactly the same while she looks on. The poor girl is mortified and finds this second part of her punishment very humiliating, as her red swollen cheeks receive yet another hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Mother stares at her daughter, reminding her to really learn from this painful lesson. Behavior like this will not be tolerated at home or at cheerleading practice! Join now!

A Cheer Too Loud

Luci and her mother live in an apartment above eccentric Professor Johnson, a faculty member on an exchange program from England. He has complained on numerous occasions about Luci's clumsy practice routines which he can hear below, often disturbing his work. Her mother had tried many times to discipline Luci until she and the professor decide on a special arrangement. If she disturbs him one more time then he would be able to deal with Luci as he sees fit. It wasn't long before mother sends her daughter downstairs to meet him as she is being loud and unreasonable yet again! He lectures her sternly about her ridiculous behavior but instead of mere scoldings, which her mother had carried out, he tells Luci that she will get a good old fashioned spanking like they carry out in his country! She is embarrassed and doesn't know where to look as he takes her across his lap and spanks her like a naughty girl... worse is to come, as this professor spanks on the bare bottom! Now Luci is struggling to take his stern hard hand smacks as she cries out making a different loud noise that he approves of! Just as she thinks the punishment is about finished, a shock is in store. Professor Johnson has a reformatory strap, a leather corrective implement, and she receives 20 hard swift swats of leather across her bared upturned bottom, laid out across the sofa. This stinging, nasty punishment is unlike anything her mother ever carried out and has the desired effect of ensuring that Luci makes less noise in the future! Join now!