Coach Makes an Impression

The new assistant coach, Sky Terrapin, has been brought in to help the cheer squad making it to The Regionals. The girls have been slacking or fighting with each other and one of the worst culprits is Andy, who has been invited into the new trainer's back room for a showdown meeting. In fact, the meeting is brief, Sky intends to spank Andy as an example of what she is capable of and what she will do to get this squad up to scratch. Andy laughs this off but the new coach is serious and intends to make an impression with a good, hard hand spanking. Andy can get spanked or be benched and not included in the squad... her choice. Andy takes the spanking and discovers Sky's hand is almost unbearable, it really stings and it gets worse when her panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is reddened further. Coach really wants to teach her a lesson and has a stiff leather paddle that she uses while Andy squirms over her lap. For the last part of her punishment the cheerleader is bent over the couch, bare bottom upturned and exposed for a further paddling she won't soon forget! Join now!

Misty's Deserved Punishment

Misty's behavior since she lost the captaincy of the school cheer squad has gone downhill. She thinks she is entitled to be treated with respect and also still deserves to be captain. The new captain, Riley Haze, decides otherwise and is close to having Misty benched for her continuing diva-esque behavior which is starting to disrupt practice sessions. Misty is a great cheerleader, but she is about to learn that she can be replaced and punished by her peers. Riley asserts her authority and takes the brat over her lap for a hard, no-nonsense hand spanking that Misty would once dish out. It soon becomes apparent why Misty is playing up so much as Riley adds color to an already sore and tender, recently spanked bottom. It would appear Misty's poor behavior has also been remarked on "at home" with more punishments. Will Misty learn her lesson? Riley isn't sure, but she knows one thing, this diva will learn a painful lesson or be thrown off the squad that she once commanded... now that is a prospect even Misty doesn't want to experience! Join now!

Spanked and Strapped for Streaking

Dylan just couldn't help herself at the latest game and celebrated the team's win by streaking across the pitch after full-time. Whatever went through her head at that time is beyond anyone who witnessed it, not least her poor parents who were mortified, ashamed, and angry that she could do such a thing. Back home, Dylan is being scolded by Dad who shows her the long-forgotten Family Strap, which he says will be used across her bare buttocks later. This is only after he gives her an old-fashioned, over the knee hand spanking. It's is a hard, mean spanking that quickly turns her cheeks a burning red. Dylan's strapping punishment follows, as she is laid out over the couch, panties down, and given a flurry of severe swats of stinging leather that has her nursing her sore, aching bottom. She knows that while she is benched from the squad, she has a lot of making up to do, not only with her parents but the entire squad and the reputation of the school that she dragged down with her inappropriate behavior. Join now!

Extra Discipline After Practice

Kiki is excited to host Blaire overnight at her place as it has been so long since the besties have been able to hang out like this. All that excitement has gone to their heads as their latest practice session was an utter disaster with the pair of them distracted, nearly causing an accident. Kiki's mother (Miss Elizabeth) naturally hears the full story from the cheer coach, and it is not the first time that her girl has misbehaved or been a menace to others with her thoughtless behavior. The girls are confronted about their actions and given an ultimatum... they can spend the night together as planned, but only if they both receive suitable and harsh discipline for that privilege. Kiki's attitude leads Blaire to believe that a spanking, even with a hairbrush, will be tame. This only infuriates an already irritated Miss Elizabeth deciding to teach the girls a really harsh lesson. Kiki goes first over her lap, and it is far from the only time... as Blaire soon discovers to her horror. She watches her bestie getting a mean hand spanking, only to discover it is then carried out... on the bare bottom! As Kiki's cheeks turn a burning shade of shame, Blaire is told to hand over the hairbrush next to her. Miss Elizabeth never holds back with the hairbrush and as Kiki cries out, Blaire wonders if the earlier bravado was worth it! She finds out next, taking the same, mean punishment across her bare exposed, quivering cheeks. The normally stoic Blaire yelps out in obvious pain as she takes the same stinging hand and hairbrush Kiki had only just received. It would seem their sleepover tonight will involve a lot of soothing sore cheeks, then trying to avoid the uncomfortable position of sitting on their aching bottoms! Join now!

Failing the Team

Helen has been flirting with many of the local boys during her cheer squad's important practice before the next big event in a few weeks. She has been so distracted that the other girls are annoyed with her appalling behavior which nearly got one of them injured when she didn't catch her properly. The Cheer Coach has had enough of this nonsense and takes Helen aside for a short sharp scolding discipline before spanking the sassy brat out in the open. Great cam angles show the hard hand spankings and Helen's facial reactions. Soria, the cheer coach, has a wicked scolding technique as well as a tough spanking arm making this a hugely enjoyable all girl uniform discipline film. Join now!

Ella Spanked and Paddled

Ella Raine makes her stunning debut at Cheerleader Spankings in a hard hitting spanking and paddling film. After practice, Ella had just one job, to clean the dirty gym mats while coach Osborne was helping with closing up for the evening. However, when he returns, he finds that she is just sitting there, scrolling on her phone instead of cleaning the mats. He is furious that she could be so selfish and this means a delay for them both so he decides to teach her a lesson by giving her a spanking right there on the mats. This is a hard hand spanking, which turns her bottom very red in a short period of time, his hard hand ensures her cheeks are burning but her punishment is far from over. Ten harsh swats of the wooden paddle for every minute delayed gets the message across to a near tearful and very sorry Ella. She is left to finish cleaning the mats with her bare bottom on full display as the tight shorts are too painful to pull up after her paddling. Join now!

Sore Bottom For Riley

Aunt Samantha asked Riley to stop by her place on the way home after cheer practice, as she wanted to "see how she doing". The real reason is that she wanted to see Riley because she had been pushing back from her own girl's attempts to take the Cheer Captain position. Riley needs to be reminded that healthy competition is for the good of the squad, instead of being mean to her girl... she should have just upped her game instead. So Auntie knows just what to do, to remind Riley that her actions have consequences, with a good old-fashioned, over the knee spanking. Aunt Samantha always spanks on the bare bottom, as poor Riley soon discovers to her obvious embarrassment. The spanking and scolding are far from over as a mean-looking heavy leather paddle is then used across her niece's sore bottom. Riley's shame is complete when Samantha takes a picture on her phone of her sore, swollen spanked bottom. Riley is told to compose herself and go home afterward, having learned a valuable lesson to treat her cousin with more respect in any future challenge. Join now!

Hard Lesson for Lola

Lola has been sent home from the school volleyball match for punching a teammate in the face. The coaching staff and parents (present at the game) were disgusted by Lola's outrageous behavior. They were happy to see the back of her after she was spanked in the Locker Room by the head coach and told to leave. Dad has been informed of the terrible news and is waiting for her when she arrives home, still in her matchday volleyball uniform. She is scolded and chastised like never before, he is so ashamed of her behavior, telling his girl that she will be getting a spanking right there and then. Lola continues to complain and deny she did anything terrible so he silences her with a hard lengthy hand spanking over his lap. This soon soon turns into a bare bottom spanking since she refuses to shut up. Daddy has not had to give his little girl the belt for some time but this is what is needed next, as she is still in denial about her earlier behavior. Now Lola looks scared and far more contrite as she is laid out on the couch and given many hard licks of his heavy leather belt until her bottom is red, swollen and very sore. Lola learns her lesson the hard way: she is told to remember not to be so impulsive and choose a time and place to stand up for herself in the future. Join now!

Discipline for Angelica

Angelica has transferred from one school to another and came highly recommended for the cheer squad, so she was fast-tracked ahead of other candidates due to the glowing reports. However, she has an attitude, thinking she is better than the other girls, and has been disruptive and quite the diva. Now coach Gregory decides to take matters into her own hands to discover why Angelica has been so rude. It quickly turns out that her unwillingness to practice to the "so-called" best of her ability infuriates the coach so much that she decides this little madam needs to be taken down a peg or two (with a good old fashioned spanking punishment). Angelica protests but she needs to be included in the squad as her scholarship depends on this. She is spanked, stood up against the wall, as her bare pert bottom turns red quickly but she still gives off a haughty attitude so Sarah places the brat over her knee on the gym mats then continues to humiliate and punish her. Angelica needs "discipline" and in an embarrassing finale, she is spanked so hard that she can not even call out the letters D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E in a cheer as she struggles to deal with the pain of the coach's hard hand spanking! Fans of Angelica and Sarah will really appreciate this awesome spanking with a fabulous humiliating twist! Join now!

Rooting For the Wrong Side

Willow has been sent home early from practice after the coach discovers that she has been responsible for letting one of their local rivals know all the routines they are working on. Her mother is furious after she was informed and is waiting for her girl to come home. Mom confiscates Willow's phone and sees for herself the evidence of the texts describing all the squad's new moves to an old friend from a different squad, this is not how she brought up her girl. The young madame continues to brat and denies any wrongdoing so Mom has no choice but to spank her girl right there over her lap. It has been some time and once the tight shorts come down (without any panties, which is another black mark) Willow starts to feel the embarrassment that a bare bottom spanking brings. Her bottom soon turns a burning red and the punishment is far from over, as the old Mason & Pearson hairbrush is used across her aching cheeks. Willow yelps and cries out but the spanking continues until Mom is satisfied her girl has finally learned her lesson. She gives her reassuring hugs and sends her back to practice to face the squad... they'll know she has been punished and it is up to Willow to back the right side; that would be her team and her squad! Join now!