Spanked Spoiled Brat

Opal's Momma is waiting for her when she arrives home from practice. Only Opal hasn't been attending practice and Momma wants to know exactly where she has been after she received a call from the school's cheerleading coach that she has not been attending recently! She admits that she has been seeing a boy on the football team using her time at practice to be with him instead. This deception does not go down well with Momma at all. She reminds the spoilt little brat that she is the first to complain if she doesn't get what she wants. This latest behavior has cost the family more lost money in fees for something this precious brat has lost interest in. Opal is taken over Momma's lap for a hard hand spanking and a withering scolding that really shames this deceptive, selfish brat further. The hand spankings continue over her panties and bare reddening bottom. Her punishment is far from over as she is asked to hand over the heavy hairbrush, which she dreads, so it can be used on her bare behind. The wooden implement hits its mark again and again as Opal wriggles and struggles in pain until she realizes her spoilt brat routine will not be tolerated in the future! Join now!

Sassy Slacker Spanked and Slippered

Lucy Lauren has been a troublemaker of the school's cheer squad for some time. She has not been punctual or performing the routines as well as the other girls. Today, she turned up to practice without her correct footwear. In fact, she had to remove them earlier as they were so filthy. The Head Coach (Zoe Page) has had enough of this upstart's sassy behavior and knows exactly how to deal with such impudence. Miss Page informs the slacker she needs to "shape up or ship out" and is infuriated when Lucy takes the scoldings with yet more chat-back! Coach has no choice but to deal with this further in her own unique way. The lazy miscreant will go through several warm-up and exercise cheer positions which she should know off by heart. However, she is confused and embarrassed due to the fact that "Miss" is spanking her at the same time. Lucy is shocked... Miss really is spanking her! It's all too much for the cheerleader as she is placed in all manner of revealing positions without the protection of her white cotton panties. Her bare quivering bottom is being smacked with Coach's hard hand which is followed up by a mean slippering from the right-footed sneaker of Mistress Zoe. Lucy learns her lesson and will remember to avoid such humiliation, in the future, if she wants to remain in the squad as well as keeping her scholarship! Join now!

A Lesson in Discipline

Tiana has been promoted to assistant cheer coach and Coach Lake has a few wise words for her before she starts. He has noticed that she is still far too friendly with the other girls and for her to do the job properly, she needs to learn how to be more distant and authoritative. That includes not being buddies all the time at practice and to not be afraid to discipline any of them. Coach Lake uses her as an example and takes her over his lap for a spanking, something she has been familiar with in the past. It's unpleasant for her and a quick lesson to learn, feeling embarrassed as her panties are pulled down and her bouncing bare booty spanked harder with his hand. Of course, he spied her matching, cute hairbrush she brought in earlier, and he informs her implements get a far more effective message across. Tiana's hairbrush stings like heck across her visibly sore bottom... but now she understands what is necessary to fulfill the position of an assistant coach! Join now!

Messy Kitchen Burned Bottom

Harley arrives home from a successful day cheering for the team to find her mother cleaning the kitchen and in a very foul mood. Mom points out the fact that she had to clear up after Harley made her lunch. She knew exactly what her daughter had since she had left the perishables, condiments, and crumbs all over the countertops. harley's excuses that she was late and in a hurry fell flat with her mom who had just one thing on her mind... making her daughter pay for such inconsiderate behavior. She is bent over the counter as the mom shows her just how upset she is by giving her a spanking! Harley is shocked that she is getting spanked but has no valid excuse after making her mother clear up the awful mess she had made earlier. The spankings continue over her tight panties until her bare bottom is given a further, hard firm hand spanking too. The punishment was far from over, though, as mom spies the wooden spoon and tells Harley to give it to her. This wooden implement stings like heck and poor Harley cries out in pain and sheer embarrassment as she is being spanked in such a humiliating way. Close to tears and half-dressed in her cheer uniform, Harley promises not to leave the kitchen in such a nasty mess in the future. Join now!

Can't Cheat to Win

Coach Lake has called Anastasia to his office for a meeting (making her stunning debut with us here at Cheerleader Spankings). He is sitting on the couch when she arrives and this is not a good sign... as coach always likes to carry out punishments of naughty girls here. He explains to Anastasia how he knows it was she who had stolen some uniforms from rival teams at the local Cheer Meet to cause them distress when coming up against their team! This could have had serious consequences for their squad being disqualified if the authorities knew... but this was now going to be disciplined "in house" to teach Anastasia a valuable lesson. That lesson is that "cheats can not win!" She knows the score and places herself over his lap as the coach's strong hands spank her hard across her perfectly inviting, rounded bottom. She is squirming and wriggling in real pain as her shorts are pulled down and the spankings continue. He hasn't finished with this young madam yet... next, he bends her over the couch, with her red bottom stuck out, for a severe leather strapping that has her crying out in agony! Anastasia learns that cheats really can't win... and pays for it with a very sore, swollen bottom! Join now!

More School Less Cheer

Reyna has been focusing all her attention on cheering recently to the detriment of her school work. This has not gone unnoticed by her parents who are fed up with her caring more about cheer practice than her studies. After her latest practice session, Mom and Dad confront Reyna when she arrives home informing her that this behavior needs to stop. Reyna's poor attitude, when confronted with this fact, means they have no alternative but to use old fashioned methods of discipline. Mom spanks her daughter right in front of Dad who looks on with a steely glare. Reyna's tight sports panties are pulled down and she is mortified that dad can see everything but much worse is in store for this foolish young lady! It's then his turn to spank her... and Daddy's hand is much harder. As if this wasn't bad enough, Mom takes over again and spanks the naughty girl on her bare, exposed bottom with a nasty stinging hairbrush that really grabs her attention. Reyna is in pain but is also beside herself with how embarrassing this all is...but in a final act, Dad has the last word. He places her over the couch and her upturned bottom is given a leather strapping that she won't quickly forget! From now on, Reyna learns that she will need to put as much effort into her scholastic activities as her sporting endeavors or there will be more embarrassing punishments in the near future! Join now!

Angelica Spanked by Coach

Please welcome Angelica Vee to Cheerleader Spankings making her first appearance anywhere online in a spanking role. We are so happy to showcase this amazing young lady with a killer girl next door look and an amazing capacity to take lots of punishment! In this scenario, Angelica has snuck off from the cheer practice arranged in the back yard of the coach's house to snack on protein bars in his kitchen. When he catches up with her, he is far from happy at the disruption she has caused and reminds her of what happens to those who misbehave. Discipline in the squad is essential for the smooth running of the new routines the girls are learning... he quickly shows how displeased he is with Angelica by turning her over the counter and spanking her. Soon her tight panties are pulled down, revealing a sore reddening bottom that is relentlessly smacked with his hard hand. Angelica is left in no uncertain doubt that he will not tolerate any further poor behavior that disrupts the wellbeing of the squad. She is allowed to reflect on her misfortune, caressing her aching red cheeks, before returning to practice. That visibly burning sore bottom will surely be noticed by the other girls... how embarrassing! Join now!

Ashley Spanked Strapped and Soaped

Ashley skips by her parents on the way out, looking happy with herself in her cheerleader uniform. Normally her mom and dad would not be bothered as they knew she'd be on her way to practice. However, the practice has been canceled and where could Ashley be off to? They know she is up to something as Ashley's email notification on the family PC has shown she has read the practice cancellation! Their daughter is lying and their suspicions are confirmed... she wants to meet up with the bad group of friends who like to smoke illicit substances and behave like jerks. Ashley the liar is told she will get a spanking from them both, and mom will also use the Family Strap across Ashley's bare bottom. She goes over mom's lap and is spanked while dad looks on and chastises her for her lies. Her poor bottom is turning quite red by the time dad takes his turn and her bare cheeks are a shameful red as mom prepares her for the leather strap. The painful strapping brings out yet more bad behavior from Ashley and mom tells her she will get a mouth soaping to clean that filthy mouth of hers. In the bathroom, her bottom still aching and sore, Ashely's mouth is thoroughly cleansed with the soapy suds as mom repeatedly washes out her daughter's dirty mouth. Ashley is one very sorry spanked, strapped and mouth soaped little girl by the time this humiliating punishment is over! Join now!

Liar Liar Bottom on Fire

Raven Mackenzie makes a welcome return as a naughty cheerleader called Lisa, who finds herself in deep trouble with her mommy (played by Madame Samantha B). Unfortunately for Lisa, with her name so prominently on her uniform, the school was informed by concerned locals who were appalled with the behavior she and her friends displayed at the local shopping mall. She had not been attending practice and had also been fairing badly at school with slipping grades. Mommy is disappointed to learn all this and decides that her girl, the serial liar, needs to be taught a proper lesson. Lisa goes over mommy's lap for a hand spanking and a mean scolding before the brush that she had seen earlier is put to good use across her bared buttocks. The wooden hairbrush hurts so much and Lisa squirms and kicks her legs as mommy continues to promise this will be happening far more often if she ever hears her precious girl is skipping cheer practice and doing badly at school. Lisa is sorry for lying and faces the corner of the room, panties down, rubbing a sore red bottom with plenty of time to reflect on how she can make mommy proud of her again! Join now!

Short Cut to a Spanking

Helen is returning home from cheer practice and is in such a hurry that she decides to take a shortcut through one of her near neighbor's huge yard and remembers that he has a small orchard there. She's feeling hungry and who would miss a couple of apples... right? She forgets that this orchard belongs to an oddball neighbor, Dodgy Dave. He doesn't take too kindly to strangers (or cheerleaders) helping themselves to his prized rare, apple varieties. Catching her in the act, he quickly reminds Helen that he knows what happens to misbehaving cheer girls at her school and says she will get the same treatment... unless he wants to report this incident to the school directly. Helen is bemused but decides to take her chances with the neighbor (rather than the school) and is taken over his lap for a hand spanking and continued scolding about stealing! What she doesn't bargain for is his use of the yardstick that he has in his possession. He uses that on her bare bottom and it stings like hell as he whacks her furiously for stealing his precious fruit! More spankings and swats with the yardstick teach this madam that this is one shortcut she won't be taking again without suffering consequences Join now!