Discipline and Tears

Rachel Adams is the latest addition to the school's best cheer squad. With that comes a lot of responsibility... the girls are the best because they are disciplined. Head Coach, Johnny Lake, invites Rachel to meet him after practice as he has heard some worrying things about her and wants her to start off understanding how discipline and order are maintained in his squad. She is understandably nervous as some of her misdemeanors are reeled off but these are things with which the coach can work with. Discipline is done the old fashioned way and she knows that means a spanking. Rachel feels the pain of any type of physical punishment keenly and it brings genuine tears to her face quickly. This spanking is no different, and before her tight cheer panties are pulled down for a bare bottom hand spanking, she is crying freely as the tears flow. Her bouncing red bottom is spanked hard and it shows. Rachel is blubbing and her tears become a flood as she soaks the couch. Mucous pours out of her nose, mixing with the sobbing tears creating a messy puddle of shame! When Coach Lake is satisfied that she understands why she is disciplined and has learned her lesson, he hugs the sobbing girl and reassures her that she will become a valuable member of his squad. Join now!

Kalaisha's Attitude Adjustment

This is an all-new double spanking first here at CLS as we bring you 2 special debut performances. Kalaisha is new to the online world of spanking and she is in possession of a very spankable bubble butt that just makes you want to spank it on sight! Cara, who is punishing Kalaisha in this film, is topping on camera so for the very first time... and as you will see, she does a rather good job of it! Kalaisha has been told to go see her cheer captain by the squad's coach after she had been scolded and spanked earlier. Kalaisha doesn't know it yet, but she is about to get another spanking at the hands of her captain. How embarrassing is it that one of her own team members gets to pull down her very tight fitting panties and gets to smack that bouncing booty some more! She is scolded by Cara... who, from a fellow squad member's point of view, complains about the poor attitude and lack of effort which Kalaisha is guilty of. As mentioned earlier, it isn't long before she is over Cara's lap getting a hand spanking... and Cara quickly pulls down those snug sports panties to reveal a sore throbbing, red bottom. You will see some delightful impact shots from the captain's hard hand as she reigns down hard smack after smack on that most jigglesome bare bottom! Watch this mesmerizing spanking punishment featuring 2 hot ladies with a twist... that this is a debut online performance in both their respective roles. Join now!

Reyna's Punishment Regime

Reyna has been sent to specialist coach, Zoe Page, as she has become a useless, lazy member of the cheer squad. If she wants to remain a cheerleader (and she does) she will have to accept a new 2 week regime which will bring her fitness, attitude and devotion to becoming a valuable team member again. Reyna is desperate to do well and signs up quickly but the reason Zoe is so successful is because part of that regime involves punishment. Physical discipline, scolding, humiliation, these are all part of the efforts to ensure somebody like Reyna will be back on track in no time. Reyna goes over Zoe's lap and she is spanked without the dignity of wearing her sports panties. Her bottom is bared and exposed as it starts to burn and turn red. Next, Zoe gleefully shows her other forms of discipline that will be in store for Reyna. A thick leather paddle is a perfect introduction to harder punishments as she is bent over the sofa and her cheeks are whacked mercilessly! This is a tough punishment regime which will make or break Reyna into becoming the best cheerleader she can be! Join now!

Didn't See it Cumming

Britney and Ashley know each other from way back and have remained friends despite ending up at different schools and becoming rival cheerleaders. Britney has also discovered that her boyfriend has been sleeping with Ashley... so after a local competition she has a chance to invite her so called cheating friend for a meeting. It quickly descends into a nasty bitching contest between the girls as Ashley tells her accuser how she satisfies her man in so many filthy ways that Britney would never dream of. This is too much for her and she drags Ashley over her lap and starts to spank the boastful slut. She scolds the embarrassed rival and remarks on her private parts, mocking and humiliating Ashley as she spanks, grabs and pulls her cheeks apart like the tramp she is! Deep down, Ashley knows she has done wrong and even accepts Britney's request to give her a hairbrush spanking across her bared exposed bottom. When Britney has had enough she pushes the slut off her lap in disgust and tells her to get out! Join now!

Slut Shamed by Coach

Coach Lovecraft has asked Rachel to attend a one to one meeting before the latest practice. However this is no ordinary appraisal but of a much more personal nature. When Rachel is confronted with the fact that she has been cheating with Lovecraft's boyfriend, she brazenly shrugs it off and denies everything. Further questioning and evidence finally brings a response from Rachel that it is not her fault... and she doesn't care that it has upset her coach with such deceitful behavior. How can Lovecraft trust this little slut to perform with this knowledge? This has to stop... and she decides to teach this cheerleader slut a lesson she won't forget by shaming and spanking her. It is a very personal punishment, and Rachel doesn't like the way she is being spanked at all. She is told to open her legs, because that's what she does so well, and it is naturally humiliating. Coach wants Rachel to feel the same shame and hurt that she has felt and spanks this hussy on her bare bottom, grabbing her ass and pulling her hair all the while reminding her of what a nasty little slut she is. The punishment ends with a leather paddling whilst leg locked and the verbal humiliation continues until coach can't stand to be near her anymore, throwing her to the floor in disgust. Rachel is going to have to earn the respect and trust of Lovecraft if she is to remain as a member of the best cheerleading squad in the state! Join now!

Seductive Slut Spanked and Strapped

Veronica has been called in from practice to see Head Cheer Coach Lake who had heard disturbing rumors about his star cheerleader. The reason for the meeting becomes clear when he tells her that he has verified disturbing rumors from other members of the squad... Veronica has been going through the football team, using them for her own selfish sexual needs. This has caused a rift between some players and disturbed the wellbeing of the team and the cheerleading squad. So Coach Lake decides she needs a good old fashioned spanking, it's how they deal with things at this school! Watch sexy Veronica take her position reluctantly over his lap as he spanks her hard over her panties and, of course, with them pulled down when she refuses to show any contrition for her behavior. Now Veronica starts to feel embarrassed when his hard hand smacks her bare bouncing cheeks further. However, the punishment is far from over as he places her in a position bent over, bottom out, on the sofa. This is for a final, mean 20 swats of leather from the school's Reformatory Strap. Do not miss this film, featuring Veronica Weston, as one of our hottest cheerleaders to have ever been spanked. Join now!

Stop Cheering Start Cleaning

Audrey returns home to find that the apartment, and in particular... the kitchen is an absolute state. Nothing has been cleared up and it is all due to her lazy roommate, Skylar, who is more interested in her cheerleading than being considerate. Her selfish behavior pushes Audrey over the edge who reminds the lazy cheer girl that she'd punish her as she saw fit if she found the apartment looking like a pigsty again. Skylar only cares about herself and laughs at Audrey's threats to discipline her until she is dragged over the chair and given a spanking. Skylar is in shock as her tight cheer panties are pulled down. She is scolded and spanked hard on her bare bottom. She isn't feeling so bold and clever now as her bare cheeks feel like they are on fire... it's embarrassing and humiliating to be treated like the naughty brat she knows deep down that she is. Maybe she'll think twice in the future about annoying her house proud roommate, as she has time to reflect on that, being told to clean up her own mess... with her bare, sore, red bottom on full display. Join now!

Ten Learns Respect

Assistant Coach, Harley Havik, has been left in charge of the squad while Johnny Lake is away. She wants to make a good impression so is determined that the girls will respect her and continue to do well in his absence. The practice routines and discipline that every girl is well aware of makes for a winning mentality. All of the girls respect this except one... that foolish girl is Ten Amorette. She thinks she can sass Harley and give her a hard time when the cane wielding Head Coach is not around! Oh dear... how wrong Ten is when she crosses Harley once too often. Harley takes absolutely no crap from Ten and she leg locks the hapless cheer girl, spanking her hard over the knee. Ten continues to answer back, wriggles and struggles, even with her panties pulled down as the spankings get harder. Harley finally snaps when Ten tries to throw her regulation panties onto her face... she humiliates the cheer girl with a harder hand spanking, partially leg locked, and pinned down with her legs spread to humiliate and subdue her. This punishment ends with some hard swats of the wooden paddle that finally has Ten compliant and behaving. Any girl that doesn't respect the chain of command is out of the squad! Ten realizes this a little too late to save her bottom from a very sore encounter with Assistant Coach Harley Havik's hard hand and trusty wooden paddle! Join now!

Five Trouble Makers Paddled

Previously... the five volleyball girls had been spanked by the two team coaches. However, their sassy behavior is still evident and their coaches, Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans decide that each girl will receive five swats from each with a stiff wooden paddle. Veronica is first and isn't happy at being chosen to be paddled in front of the other girls. The giggling starts to subside over time as the realization that this painful punishment really does get through to them all, one by one, as their poor bare bottoms are given a total of ten swats each from the coaches. Watch their bottoms paddled hard as their already sore red bottoms are displayed for all to see. As in the previous spanking film, the five volleyball girls are: Apricot Pitts, Misty Lovelace, Maddy Marks, Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston. What's there not to like watching these stunning young ladies getting a hard paddling punishment from their female volleyball coaches? Join now!

Five Trouble Makers Spanked

Five volleyball girls get into deep trouble with their two team coaches. They are the absolute worst behaved girls in the entire squad structure and a few of these young madams think they are indispensible to the team. How wrong they are! Their poor behavior is inexcusable; fighting, sabotage of rival teams sports outfits, bullying, turning up late for practice and not playing to their best abilities... the list goes on and on. These five girls think it's all one big joke! Well, they are in for a big surprise as both Coach Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans decide that all of them will receive hard hand spankings. Not only that but all the spankings will be carried out in front of each other and over the lap of each coach with their bare, jiggling bottoms on full display. This is most humiliating and for some girls it's also highly embarrassing. This is the discipline they should have had an age ago and it shows! Watch their bottoms turn red with shame as both coaches punish each of the girls in turn. The Five are: Apricot Pitts, Misty Lovelace, Maddy Marks, Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston. In part two of this long discipline film... the Five will also receive multiple swats of a stiff wooden paddle from each coach! Join now!